Fuel Index (A measuring stick of a companys success)

by : Ramakrishna Pochiraju

Every company has a Vision, a Mission and a set of core Values. Companies develope multiple strategies that implement these Values to relaize the Mission.

I always wondered,

  1. Is there any relationship between a company's Values and company's success?

  2. Is there any influence of these Values on a company's sustainability?

  3. Do the company's Values impact other factors of success?

  4. How do we measure that impact?

Below I will try to explain the relationship between Values and other factors of success.

Every company should have Values that increase and support higher Productivity (P), Quality (Q) of product, Quality of workplace and Quality of working. Every company’s Values should also encourage and reward Creativity ( C ). The Values of every company should serve as a primary fuel to fan the growth of the ‘company-employee’ social system. For Values to produce higher Productivity and instill Creativity while upholding highest possible and attainable Quality in the process, the Values need to thrive in the air of honesty. Honesty in a company is synonym for courage and is a measure of risk readiness and agility. I define the Fuel Index as one that measures the sustainability and agility of a company. Higher the Fuel Index the better a company’s chances for a successful and sustainable leap from good to great.

I suggest to list the company’s Values and rank each Value from ‘0’ to ‘2’ in regards to how the Value impacts the “Productivity", “Quality" and “ Creativity" (‘0’ means Value has no impact on ). Also rank the values from ‘0’ to ‘2’ with respect to the risk involved to implement the Value to achieve higher Productivity, Quality and Creativity (‘0’ being no risk involved in implementing that Value to achieve the goals).

Score (0 to 2) Score (0 to 2)


(P) (Q) (C) (R)

------- -- -- -- --

------- -- -- -- --

Total -- -- -- --

Average -- -- -- --

Fuel Index = (Avg R)[(Avg P)+(Avg Q)+(Avg C)]

The range of the Fuel Index is 0 to 12. If the Index is

0 to 5

The score of 5 and above is a good indicator of sustainability and agility of a company. They have the right mixture of fuel (Values) and air (Risk/Honesty). They need to make sure to maintain and constantly evaluate the strategies that are used for this combustion. That means the company should constantly make sure to have right people implementing the values and performing the checks and balances needed to assure a sustainable growth.