Walleye Fishing Bait

by : Jadran Z. Transcona

The dream of every serious Walleye fisherman is to "catch the big one "or the "killer giant walleye". Many times the real serious trophy fish elude the most serious of anglers. It's no accident - if that Walleye was not that smart, powerful with a most magnificent lunge on the spot, how do you think he got to the point of his life, or your fishing career, that he is now?

Yet there are any number of apparent difficulties , wrong tactics and procedures that often do not follow the successful trophy sized Walleye fisherman or sports angler.

First and foremost is the condition and placement of your baits. For example some not so successful fishermen continue to use bait that could be considered "lethargic" at best. Perhaps the bait was the product on sale at the lakeside or riverside bait and tackle shop, perhaps they are just plain lazy that these alleged fishermen utilize such a poor example of the bait that is supposed to attract and detain the Walleye monster fish of their dreams. If only these poor sports anglers realized that this is all false economy and certainly not productive to their fishing dreams and goals. It can be said those that fail to plan, plan to fail - in this case that trophy sized Walleye fish is the goal for sure.

Most anglers do not know , realize or appreciate the simple fact that the simple natural movements of real quality live bait is much more important in attracting that elusive Walleye for its fatal strike on your line , than the apparent scent or even the taste of the fishing bait. Make it a simple rule and procedure to adhere to that fishing bait crawlers and leeches be continue undulating and in fine motion. For bait crawler and leeches change bait every five to 10 minutes. In the case of minnows you can count on live minnows lasting considerably longer. It's all by observation of the state of your bait and of course trial, error and personal experience.

Next in line is how you specifically drag jigs and bottom rigs. It can be said that "the more you drag, the more you snag ": Snags take time and effort out of actual fishing time for catching and landing that big fish. On top of that it's downright frustrating as well as a waste of time. Again if you snag and get your line out it takes time effort. If the line is lost - then it's a whole process and waste of time to set up your tackle again - especially the way you like it. Instead make it your practice that your jigs, live bait rigs, and bottom bouncers swim just above the bottom of the lake or river most of the time. You may have periods of contact with the bottom surface but try to keep this occasional with bottom contact on a fairly rare and irregular basis. This way if you do that tick, the chances are that it will be your fish on its strike.

Lastly rather than fishing with overweight jigs fish the very lightest jig possible. Heavy jigs will make it harder to feel Walleye strikes, which all in all often feel like little more than subtle resistance of the tackle and water.

Chances are much greater now that the elusive Walleye fish which outsmarted or even ignored you last fishing season will come calling. Even if you are not successful in landing the killer Walleye of your dreams remember that bad day spent fishing on the water is better than the best day at the office.