Easy Steps to Get Rid of Cellulite

by : Foo Kwong Meng

Cellulites are those dimples that are found on your butt and on the back of your thighs when you gain weight or when you grow older. When women reach their thirties, cellulites start to appear. In fact, nobody knows where and how they could get treatment for their cellulites. However, there are different steps that you can follow if you really want to get rid of those cellulites or prevent them from appearing.

First step:

Get rid of extra weight. As we all know, fat cells make up the cellulite. Therefore, the more fat cells are developed in your body, the more cellulites will develop as well. According to some research, every decade, around 5 pounds of muscles are lost by women but 15 pounds of fat are developed. Moreover, when we age, the skin starts getting thinner making the fat cells more prominent. By eating well-balanced and healthy food, the ideal weight can be easily attained. Also, by drinking more water, the toxins from the body are flushed away and this makes the skin hydrated.

Second Step:

Start exercising to lose those cellulite. By exercising, the fat cells are replaced with muscles and this can be best done by exercising. Do the perfect trick by doing a combination of strength training, flexibility as well as cardio exercises.

You should have at least 2 minutes of moderate walking, stair climbing and cycling. This is the perfect way of practicing the cardio part of the exercise program. Gradually, increase your exercise time up to 8 minutes until breathing becomes hard but make sure that you can still manage to say brief sentences. After doing the cardio exercise, cool down for at least 2 minutes. You may opt to use the exercise equipment indoors.

Target the problem areas by following the cardio exercise with at least 15 minutes. For instance, if you have cellulite problem in your thighs, do the exercises that are designed to increase the muscles in your thighs like the leg lifts. Add the ankle weight during the progress because it helps greatly. If you have a problem with cellulites on your buttocks, do squatting and lunges with the ankle weights by holding a lighter weight on your side.

The most important thing that you should remember is to do stretching after doing the strength training exercises. This way, the flexibility and length of your muscle is increased while decreasing the risk for injury. By doing this as well, the strength is increased thereby increasing the minutes for your work outs and building more muscles. There are some women who choose doing the Pilates work out because this has the combination of flexibility and strength exercises.

Creams have always been an option but there are not proven effective. By using spray on tans, the appearance of cellulite is reduced. Moreover, if you the money to spend, there are always expensive treatments like liposuction and other laser treatments. However, keep in mind that these are not as effective as you think they are because cellulite may come back.

Getting rid of cellulite is never that easy but when you engage in regular exercise and eat the right diet, those cellulite will be a part of your history.