Axo Motocross Gear And Motocross Boots

by : Mike McGrath

AXO: the best in offroad gear and racing accessories!

If you love all kinds of offroad gear and love to ride in style then AXO has just the thing for you! AXO is a leading manufacturer of high quality Motocross Boots for men, women and kids. Their range of Motocross Boots and high quality Motocross Accessories is designed for the discerning offroad biker.

Wide range of Motocross Boots

AXO has a fantastic collection of fabulous Motocross Boots for men, women and kids. Their range of men's Motocross Boots come in interesting color choices like black, white and silver. These are primarily of the RC6 varieties. They even have an innovative range of AXO Motocross Boots Buckle in both the No Star and Old Style varieties.

Silver Motocross Boots

The range of silver colored Motocross Boots especially designed for male offroad bikers is meant to make heads turn in envy! These are available in a closeout size of 9 and are of the RC6 06 variety. These Motocross Boots have a fine molded shin plate on the inner side as well as a calf. The leather upper is of fine quality leather. The interiors comprise soft leathering and a micro mesh for better ventilation. The special open cell foam ankle padding on such offroad gear makes for a more comfortable pair of Motocross Boots. There are also PU straps and replaceable alloy buckles on these Motocross Boots. The exclusive sole on this shoe has a replaceable insert and a tempered steel shank. The wrapping gator makes for a better look and feel while enhancing functionality.

Black Motocross Boots

The black colored Motocross Boots from AXO are also very stunning and meant especially for offroad biking. These fantastic Motocross Boots have been designed from soft and authentic cowhide leather. These are then stitched onto the rubber sole providing a classy, sophisticated finish. The locking buckles found in these shoes are completely interchangeable and these Motocross Boots also have a molded plastic shin, heal and calf protectors. The shoes also have polyurethane gear that has been reinforced. The interior lining is made of perforated polyester which results in an anti-sweat and anti-bacterial environment. carries a wide range of 2008 AXO Riding Gear including: AXO MX2 Boots, AXO RC6 Boots, AXO Kicker Gloves, AXO Padlock Gloves, AXO Ride Gloves, AXO Air Jersey, AXO Impala Jersey, AXO Philly Jersey, AXO Team Issue Jersey, AXO Nickel Pants, AXO Phoenix Pants, AXO Type R Vented Pants and AXO Pursuit Pants.

Nathan Ramsey joined Axo in December of 2007 AXO and will be wearing all Axo Supercross gear in the upcoming 2008 National season, N8 Dawg will be wearing the 2008 AXO Race Gear, as well as the all new Prime Boot. You'll see him on the National circuit.

John Simanovich, AXO's Team manager said everyone at AXO is super excited to have re-partnered with Nathan once again. After his earliest to date involvement in the AXO movement during the 2002-03' seasons, "it was a natural fit for AXO to be again working with an athlete like Nathan." A guy like Nathan can contribute more than just an endorsement of the product. With the experience of a rider of Nathan's caliber, AXO can feed off his suggestions and opinions on apparel and footwear and riders of all abilities can share in the expanding success of AXO America and it's ever growing arsenal of innovative products."