Looking For a Sauna Heater

by : Thomas Oak

If you are looking at sauna heaters for your sauna then there are several considerations you might think about. These include mounting, stones, controls, and steam generator.

Sauna heaters can come free standing or they can be mounted to the wall. Usually the smaller heaters are mounted to the wall while the larger ones remain in a corner of the sauna on the floor. You need to decide how much space you have and where in your sauna you want to have the heater before you make a solid decision on the type. There are larger heaters that can be mounted to the wall also.

You need to think about the size of your sauna room when you consider the rock capacity the sauna can hold. Not all of the saunas can hold the same amount of rocks. Some sauna heaters can hold only 25 pounds of rocks while larger heaters can hold up to 70 pounds of rocks. You might want more rocks for the larger sauna. This should be considered before you make a purchase. The more rocks you have in your heater then the more steam the heater will generate as you pour water over them. However, it does not require a lot of rocks for a smaller sauna and it would be silly to use a large amount of rocks in a small sauna.

Sauna heaters generate steam into the air which allows for people to sweat. This is healthy for the skin and the immune system. The sauna heaters generate steam by the rocks getting extremely hot and then water being poured on them. You can get a sauna heater that has a steam generator installed on it. These have a line directly connected to a water supply which periodically pours water over the rocks generating steam. You can also buy a sauna heater that requires you to manually pour the water over the rocks to generate the steam. Some people like the traditional method of generating steam because they can control the amount of steam in the sauna.

Infrared sauna heaters have controls on them so you can manage how hot your sauna gets. These controls can be on the heater itself or they can be mounted separately on the wall. Many people like sauna heaters with separate controls so they can put the controls away from the sauna. This is because it decreases the chances of someone getting burned if they are not touching the heater itself. However, you can get a heater with controls directly on them if you want to.

When you are looking at infrared sauna heaters for your sauna at home or your place of business you need to consider the size of your sauna. This will help you determine if you want a wall mounted heater or a free standing one. This will also help you in deciding if you want a heater that has controls on it or on the other side of the room. You can also decide on if you want to pour the water on the rocks yourself or if you want a water supply to do it for you.