How to Catch Bass in Virginia. Location, Techniques, etc...

by : Daniel Eggertsen

Virginia bass fishing is one of the most popular sports practiced in this state. It is enjoyed by all types of anglers from the beginner to the professional. Virginia is well-known for its spotted bass, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. One reason bass fishing is so popular is because they feed very aggressively.

They are one of the most active species of fish around and once that take the bait they will give you quite a fight. Therefore, bass fishing is fun, entertaining and exciting. Virginia has many areas where the scenery is beautiful and the bass fishing is excellent. You will find the largemouth, smallmouth, stripped and spotted bass in the waters of Virginia.

The largemouth bass got its name for good reason. Did you know that it can actually open up its mouth so wide that it could swallow its own head? Not everyone knows that they are able to do this. The reason it is possible is because the upper jawbone stretches past their eyes creating a wide range of motion. They usually are not very picky about what they eat either so you can catch them with just about anything.

The smallmouth bass very rarely weighs more than five pounds and their mouths are much smaller than that of the largemouth bass. Theirs eyes usually have a red or orange tent to them and they will have dark vertical bars on both of their sides. The smallmouth bass is very strong for their size and they are normally even more active than the largemouth bass.

The stripped bass were introduced to several of the freshwater impoundments in Virginia and in many cases adapted well here. When left to peacefully swim the waters of its home, the striped bass can live up to a full thirty years. They can mostly be found in the deeper parts of the water that is usually located in the middle of the lakes. Strippers will also eat most anything they can get in their mouths but their favorite food seems to be shad.

The spotted bass look similar to the smallmouth bass but they have spots on the lower parts of their sides instead of vertical bars and they have a single dark spot on their gills. All species of bass are territorial and considered to be predatory. What this means is that they will usually strike at anything that evades their space, even if they are not hungry.

Below are a few of the best locations for bass fishing in Virginia to give you an idea of where to begin when you are visiting Virginia that are excellent for bass fishing. Many of these are surrounded by beautiful scenery that can make your fishing trip an adventure to remember. Some locations also have other activities for the non-fisherman in the group making Virginia an excellent place for the whole family to go bass fishing. You also have the potential to catch many bass of various sizes here so it is perfect for the serious angler as well.