Simple Bass Lures for Beginners That are Easy to Work

by : Daniel Eggertsen

There are several basic bass fishing lures beginning fisherman need to know how to use. In the following paragraphs I will outline each of them.

The crankbait is the lure of choice when fishing deep waters. They also are quite effective in rivers and streams. They key to this lure is more in selection rather than manner of use. In selecting a style of crankbait to use your first consideration is the size and shape of the lure.

Your goal is to match your lure to the forage of the fish you are targeting. Crankbaits come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes which make this goal achievable. Take the time to observe the water before you begin to fish. Try and find out what the primary forage is.

IF it is fish like bluegills you will want to use a round fat crankbait. If you see shad surfacing then thin round bait is called for. When needle minnows are present a pencil shaped crankbait can be used.

Next you want to select a crankbait that runs at the depth required. The size and shape of the plastic lip on a crankbait determines how deep it will swim while it is retrieved.

Ideally you want this bait to run slightly above the bottom of the lake or river, sometimes hitting the bottom. Your retrieve speed should be fast. When you use crankbaits you are typically targeting aggressive fish that will swim hard and fast to any potential food source.

The crankbait attracts bass by both visual and sound presentations. You will be able to feel the vibration of this bait as you bring it back.

The plastic worm and jig and pig are two different lures that are primarily used the same way. They also target deep water bass but unlike the crankbait are designed to entice fish that are not very aggressive. You fish these lures along the bottom, occasionally twitching the rod so the lure rises and falls. The key here is to keep your presentation within sight of the bass for an extended period of time. You will catch many fish while the lure is falling back to the bottom.

The spinnerbait is without a doubt the most versatile bass lure. It can be fished many different ways in many different situations. It is a topwater lure, a weedless lure and a structure bouncer all rolled into one.

Since it is semi weedless the spinnerbait is a very effective lure in weeds. Largemouth Bass love lily pads. The spinnerbait is perfect for this situation. You can retrieve it just outside the pads or if that does not work you can cast in into them and retrieve it. The best way to fish in this manner is to position the bait so it falls in pockets between the pads. The plastic skirt surrounding this bait often proves irresistible to a bass safely tucked into the weeds.

The spinnerbait can be fished fast or slow. When you retrieve it rapidly it acts much like a top water bait. When fished slowly it can be used to navigate weed cover. It can also be fished like a jig. The key factor is to vary the retrieve constantly. If you have several unproductive casts in an area that holds fish you should vary your retrieve speed rather than changing your lure. It is an inexact science determining what entices a bass at a given time. You need to experiment and try different things.