Bass Fishing in Georgia - One of the Most Popular Sports

by : Daniel Eggertsen

Bass fishing is one of the most popular sports around and it is enjoyed by anglers all over the nation. Georgia is no exception as this state is well-known for its bass fishing. The reason for this is because there are many areas available where you can find smallmouth, largemouth, shoal and spotted bass in Georgia. Out of these you will find that the largemouth bass is probably the most abundant and the most sought after because of its size and the fact that it can put up an amazing fight.

It doesn't matter how old you are, what gender you are or even how much experience you possess, bass fishing is for everyone. It is something you can do alone, with your best friend, with your family or with a large group of people. Anyway you spend your time bass fishing will be fun and exciting.

To help you get started on your fishing adventures, below you will find the names of some of the best bass hotspots found in Georgia and a brief description of what to expect when you visit these lakes and rivers.

Where to Catch Bass in Georgia

Knowing where to go bass fishing in Georgia is half the battle and it will make a big difference in how much success you will have. This information will help you spend more time fishing for the bass instead of spending all of your time searching for the best areas.

Nottely Lake is an excellent place to fish for spotted bass. It is located in North Georgia and the waters run deep, clear and cold in this lake. Not only do you have a great spot for bass fishing when you are on Nottely Lake but you also have beautiful scenery to enjoy as well.

Lake Walter F. George, sometimes referred to as Lake Eufaula, is a well-known area where fishing for the largemouth bass is greatly enjoyed. This lake has been in the news headlines many different times when it comes to tournament bass fishing. It is full of distinctive drop-offs and ledges which is what makes it the perfect home for the bass to live in.

One of the most popular rivers in Georgia is the Upper Chattahoochee River. This river begins in the mountains and flows down through the foothills near Atlanta. Many bass anglers are surprised to learn that this river offers many great opportunities for catching bass and should not be ignored when in the area.

The Flint River is the home to an excellent source of shoal bass and it is found west of Macon and near the upper portion of the Fall Line. Fishing guides are available to help you find the best fishing spots on this river if you would like the extra help instead of wondering around searching for the bass on your own.

Lake Lanier is a 38,000 acre reservoir located north of Atlanta where there are a significant amount of largemouth and spotted bass. Feeder creeks such as the Young Cane Creek and the Ivy Log Creek are excellent places to find largemouth bass in Georgia so take time to check out these feeder creeks every chance you get.