The Bean Bag Game - Not Just For Kids

by : Dave Roth

Most people think that the bean bag game is something that kids play in gym class in elementary school. This is true at some schools, but the bean bag game is also a lot of fun for adults. Many people have forgotten this. That is unfortunate, because there is a lot of enjoyment from the bean bag game, no matter what age a person has reached. Even people well into their senior years can enjoy this game because it is so easy to play and the rules are not difficult. Naturally, a very tiny baby or someone who was severely crippled could not play, but basically everyone else could enjoy the game. It does not matter how old you are or what your physical strength level is. The bean bag game is meant to be fun for all ages. In order to play it, a person only has to toss lightweight cloth bags at a board from a specific distance away. There is a hole in the board, and the object is to throw the bags through the hole.

If the bags go into the hole, points are scored. If they remain on the board there are also points scored, but not as many. No points are scored for bags that fall short of the board or that hit the board and then fall off. The bean bag game is not specific to any group of people, and both men and women generally enjoy playing it. In some parts of the country it is called the Cornhole game, but it is basically the same. The only difference is that the board in the official Cornhole game is usually a foot longer than the board in the official bean bag game. Some of the Cornhole players, though, are using the smaller bean bag board because it is more portable. At only two feet by three feet in size, it fits in the back of pickup trucks and also in the trunks of most larger and midsized cars. Since this is the case, there are many people who like to take the game around with them to parties and other get-togethers so that they can play it with their friends. This is much more common in the northern and western parts of the country, and not as popular in the south.

For people who want to get together and play the bean bag game, there are a lot of options. Boards and bags can be purchased through the Internet, and some people choose to make their own as well. For people who do this, they generally make them out of wood. When they are bought from a dealer they can be either wood or plastic. A lot of people think that plastic holds up better, but others feel that wood is a better choice. Wood is also a more traditional choice for the boards. They were originally made from wood and it is still more common. No matter what the board is made of, though, it can provide hours of fun for people of any age.