4 Moves To Know In Basketball

by : Bill Parsons

Basketball is all about how you move. Actually making a basket is not that difficult of a skill to master and if that was all basketball was about then it would be a simple game. However, what makes basketball exciting are all the different moves.

There are four moves that you have to master in order to ever master the game. These four moves together will give you the skills you need to be a great player.

Move #1: Dribble

Dribbling is the way you bounce the ball down the court on your own. There are many regulations regarding dribbling. It is very important to know and understand the rules regarding dribbling.

Dribbling is a skill you must be able to do efficiently. When you are not a good dribbler the opponent may be able to easily take the ball from you or otherwise knock it lose.

You also have to be able to move efficiently when dribbling so you are not running into people on the court when you are dribbling the ball.

Move #2: Rebound

Rebounding is the move made after a basket has been made or attempted. Being able to rebound means you can get control of the ball. You need to be able to rebound a missed shot so your team gets the point. If you miss the rebound then the other team can steal the ball and you lose the chance to score.

Move #3: Pass

Passing is another way to get the ball down the court and the only way to get the ball to the other players on your team. There are a variety of different passes and you should learn all of them.

Passing has to be efficient and accurate. A bad pass usually means a lost ball and losing the ball means losing a chance to score.

Move #4: Block

Blocking is an important move for both defense and offense. Every player has to know how to block opposing players. They are either going to be blocking against scoring or blocking to allow their own player down the court.

Good blocking is essential to scoring because without blocking a player can not get close enough to score. Players should practice blocking in a variety of situations.

These four moves are all important to the game. Without one of them a game is lost. Each player has to be able to efficiently pull off each move on the court.

Good practice and good coaching will help players to become efficient in each move, but ultimately it is the player's drive and dedication that will allow him or her to master each move and become the best player they can be. With a team of players who are dedicated and who have mastered these moves, winning is in their reach each and every time they play. Besides winning, having these skills makes players feel good about themselves and that goes a long way towards making a team that is fun to be a part of.