Mental Attitudes And Good Golfing

by : Mike Schlacter

If you want to improve your game then it is not only your physical fitness that counts, you should also have the right mindset. Those people who want to get better at playing golf need to be able to deal with the mental challenge of clearly focusing on what you are trying to achieve. This is true of most sports, when a player loses their mental focus then their game deteriorates, no matter how fit they are. If you want to play golf then you have to teach yourself to focus and concentrate on the job in hand, the minute your concentration slips you will find yourself losing control of the game.

Just think about the top high ranking golfers for a minute, have you ever wondered how they consistently get longer drives and good shots? The secret is in their mental attitude, they refuse to allow thoughts of failure to interfere with their game, for them it is all about winning. Some golfers engage the services of a personal coach to help them develop a positive mental attitude and the ability to ignore any of the other things that might interfere with their game.

Developing the right mental attitudes when you are playing golf is an essential part of becoming a good golfer and improving your game. Taking control of your breathing is one way of becoming a better player, take a deep breath and then breathe out slowly - when you do this you will feel the tension go out of your body and this will impact on the type of shot that you take. Taking control of your thinking can reduce your handicap by half in a very short time - just think of the results you might achieve if you were always in the frame of mind that produces a good swing and drive.

Many new golfers don't realize how important their mental attitude is to improving their game. They do everything that their instructor tells them, including a good golfing fitness program, but they still have a high handicap and not enough control over their swing. One of the problems that new golfers face is that their mind is on other things when they take their swing. Instead of concentrating on what they want to achieve in their game many new golfers worry about the way they are holding their clubs or the fact that they are being watched by a group of people. Mental training helps golfers to rise above these things and to improve their game.

If your in the senior golf category it gets even tougher. Fatigue and forgetfulness set in and can result in several blow up holes later in the round. Focusing on your mental training can definitely improve this situation, but it does take a concerted effort on your part.

If you are really keen on improving your swing and drive and reducing your handicap then you should make mental golf training as much a part of your routine as your fitness training.