Golf Jobs Galore

by : Andy West

Golf has become a broad industry that has produced a number of golf jobs in its wake. Contrary to popular notion, these jobs are not just for teenagers looking to make a little extra summer cash. These jobs have provided a most steady and reliable income for individuals to build their life off of.

Of all the sports related professions, golf offers the steadiest and most viable workforce. The fact that golf is so popular and played by so many different people creates quite a demand for golf professionals. Golf courses, resorts, camps and clinics all require skilled and knowledgeable workers in order to run in an efficient manner.

Most cities have at least one golf course where individuals spend their time relaxing and trying to improve their game. These same individuals will often use the services of a personal golf coach as well. A golf coach can find him or herself dealing with players of different ages and all skill levels.

Wherever golf players gather, golf jobs will most certainly follow. A golf course will need a manager, a greenskeeper and golf instructors just to start. Other important figures such as a pro shop merchandiser and a golf cart and grounds maintenance professional are central to operations as well.

While there are some minor jobs on a golf course that do not require a formal education, there are many positions that do. In general, golf courses hire only qualified individuals when it comes to many of their openings. A staff of well-educated and trained professionals is what helps keep a golf course running like clockwork.

Golf jobs can be found in other places besides golf courses. Over the last several years, one of the most popular types of vacation has come in the form of a golf resort. Rather than lounging by the pool, individuals spend their time playing golf. They can take small classes and make use of the one on one professional coaching services to help improve various aspects of their game.

As a draw for tourists, many resorts offer mini golf schools that last three to five days at a time. Depending on the course, individuals will learn everything from the bare basics to advanced professional skills. These mini schools are commonly offered children, teens and adults. Golf professionals can also be found on cruise ships offering the same service.

Careers in golf often fall under the categories of management, instruction or maintenance. When it comes to golf course or resort management, there is often a general manager, an operations manager and even a director of golf. The title and duties of these administrative positions can sometimes vary depending on the venue.

When it comes to instruction, there can be a head instructor, teaching professional or golf coach. Just like management, the titles and duties can vary from one venue to another. While some golf instructors work with clients of any age and skill level, some work only with gifted or professional players.

Maintenance and preservation is a very important type of golf job. Those in this type of position ensure that the golf course is perfectly maintained, both physically and aesthetically. Common positions in maintenance can be greenskeeper, golf cart maintenance professional and housekeeping.

Other types of golf jobs that can be found in the golfing industry are caddie master, pro shop attendee and golf club repair specialist. Each provides a very handy and necessary service that most golfers would not want to be without. Their expertise in the details plays a unique role in keeping a golf course or golf resort running smoothly and efficiently.