The Importance Of Golf Stretches

by : Mike Schlacter

If you are really serious about playing golf then you need to be physically fit as golfing is actually a strenuous game that uses most of your muscles. Regular stretching is a way of getting your muscles in shape for If you want to develop a good back swing then the you should be exercising to increase your body's flexibility - flexible muscles mean a smoother and greater swing.

Exercises that involve stretching your arms over your head can be extremely beneficial to your golfing game. Rotating your shoulders backwards and forwards will increase your flexibility in this area and help you to avoid painful shoulder injuries. Stretching your arms all the way over your head and back will strengthen your muscles and improve your golf swing. A good golf swing also leads to an increased drive.

Try and get some stretches in before and after a game in addition to your regular exercise periods as this will help to loosen any tension and reduce soreness after a game. When you take a golf swing it uses a number of different muscles in your body and so you should be doing stretching exercises that will increase flexibility in all of these muscles.

You can also incorporate stretches into your daily routine and exercise your muscles while you are sat at your desk. Some people prefer to do their stretching exercises standing up. Try standing with your legs wide apart, then lean forward stretching out your arms with your hands together and the tips of your fingers facing down. Breathe in and swing your arms up and to the right, as you might if you wanted to hit the ball, breathe out then swing your arms all the way up and to the left while keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Do this stretching exercise three times in succession, it will help to flex both your legs and your spinal muscles, increasing flexibility.

When your body becomes more flexible then you will move more easily and quickly and this will improve your golf swing and increase your drive. Your exercise program should include a couple of double joint exercises as these improve your coordination which is important for a good swing. Your stretches need to account for both sides of the body as this not only increases your flexibility but it also helps to prevent injuries occurring. Most beginner golfers don't realise how important it is for them to be fit and flexible and so they often end up with injuries that could have been avoided.

Your golf stretching program needs to be thorough and should include muscles and joints from your neck down to your feet because the golf swing needs a full body movement. Rotational floor stretches should be an integral part of your golfing exercise program, along with heel and calf stretches. In any golfing exercise program the key component should be aimed at increasing your flexibility. If you suffer from lower back pain then you may need to pay more attention to stretches that include your hamstrings - when they are not sufficiently flexible this places a lot of stress on the lower back.