Golf Sets

by : R. Martin

You could try to buy your golf equipment pieces individually, one at a time. But, many new players just purchase complete golf club "sets" and get their shopping all out of the way at once. Buying your entire golf set at once is probably the best way to go about it if you are not planning on going pro anytime soon. It takes a lot of the hard decision making out of purchasing golf gear because you can just pick up a premade set of clubs and be on your merry way. After all, for the beginner golfer, it can be a little confusing as to which club is which and which club is used on which shot.

Consider the set of golf clubs an easy shortcut to getting some decent gear that you can use without overspending or getting to confused as to what's what.

However, you should know a few things before investing in an entire golf set. What is in a complete golf set? Generally, 4 things: clubs: Wedges, Irons, Woods, and Putters.

Furthermore, there are hybrid clubs too. A Hybrid club is usually something somewhere between an iron and a wood. For the course, standard rules only allow a golfer to carry 14 clubs in his bag during a game. However, the golfer can chose chose any combination that he wants to bring with him.

Now, what kind of condition set should you buy? Should you buy a new set or a used one? There are benefits to each. It's kind of like buying a car. If you've got the money, a new car is nice. And the new car almost always comes without hidden defects. The opposite is true of used cars. They are much cheaper but often can contain nasty surprises. I speak from experience!

Whether to buy a new or used complete set is up to you. If your concern is saving money (maybe better spent on golf balls that go missing), you may want to consider going for used equipment. This might be the best option for people who aren't looking to pay a lot up front. Though, much like a used car, used clubs may not be perfect. Worn grips, fractured shafts, and other problems are all too common. One good tip is to get a guarantee from the seller, just in case.

For new golfers, many manufacturers sell starter sets, which might be another avenue to pursue. These starter golf sets usually include a Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Wood, 3 - 9 Irons, a Pitching Wedge and Putter along with a golf bag to carry them in. After your game improves, you can always expand your collection.

Beginner golfers can also benefit from golf books, training guides, and other golf related training aids. These accessories help the beginner golfer learn more about the game, improve strokes, stance, and etiquette. These can be great for people who prefer to be self taught.

Here is another tip for new golfers: use the cheapest golf balls available. This is because you will be loosing plenty of balls when you first start this game. As your game gets better, you can worry about buying the fancy balls. After all, you are still learning. So, don't spend too much time worrying about which ball to chose. Get the cheapest ones out there until your game has advanced considerably.