Ohio Bass Fishing Locations

by : Daniel Eggertsen

If you are heading to Ohio for some bass fishing, you will want to check a few places that are well known for smallmouth bass. Lake Erie of course is a great place to fish, but there are the Knox Lake, Lake La Su An, Turkeyfoot Lake, Tycoon Lake, Acton Lake and Ross Lake. Lake Erie of course is one of the best places to go fishing for bass. You can find the bass around Kelly's Island. You can also fish around Cranberry Creek, Camp Perry and around the shorelines by Cedar Point and Portage River as well as Sandusky Bay. The smallmouth bass fishing at it best in spring, summer and fall.

Knox Lake is great for largemouth bass fishing. They do have a eighteen inch length requirement, but it is easy to catch bass above this length. When you fish in the upper part of the lake where there are brush and trees in the waters, you will find that catching the bass is easy. A crankbait will work well in this area and you will not need to get to wet because you can cast right from shore. The fishing is pretty good and the population of bass is high in Knox Lake.

Lake La Su An is a full of largemouth bass. Many anglers have said that it is easy to see as many as sixty largemouth bass coming out of the lake a day. The bass population is so high that this lake will never be without bass and does not need any restrictions. The easiest way to catch a bass on this lake is with a nightcrawler off the shores. They are found is large schools all over the lake, but if you do not have a boat, you can fish the shores and make your catches easily.

Turkeyfoot Lake is rated for bass of more than fifteen inches and weighting about three to four pounds. They have said that using a topwater lure is the best way to catch a bass on Turkeyfoot Lake. The depth of the late is fifty-two feet at maximum. Of course, another good fishing spot nearby is Long Lake where the bass tend to be near the shores and weedy areas. The Ohio lakes and rivers are exceptional for bass fishing all year. One can fish anytime of the day and never leave without a fish for dinner.

Tycoon Lake is most common for the early season bass fishing. The water tends to warm quickly because it is so shallow and smaller in size. The bass population is heavy because of the minimum length requirement, which is eighteen inches. This means that the bass are nice sized and weigh about three pounds. It is not unusual to see a few seven-pound bass come out of Tycoon Lake. The anglers have been using the nightcrawler to hook the bass. Fishing from shore is just as easy as fishing from a small boat. Wading is done more so because the water is shallower is some parts.