Where Are Good Spots for Bass in Central Florida?

by : Daniel Eggertsen

Central Florida is an excellent spot for a little bass fishing, whether you are a local or a visitor to the area. Many bass fishing enthusiasts visit the area every single year, and with good reason. The lakes in Central Florida are abundant in terms of bass and the climate makes for pleasant fishing weather all year long. The facilities are amongst the best in the world, which is why the area may be known as such. However, before you can begin to make the most f them you have to know where to go!

The Lakes

The Great Butler Lakes: The Great Butler Lakes is a chain of lakes that consists of many smaller lakes, all of which are well know for their bass fishing. It is possible to rent a boat and go to the middle of the lake or fish from the banks, but either way you are guaranteed a good day out. The location of the lakes is convenient in terms of its accessibility from the local major transportation routes. In fact, it is accessible in terms of the other tourist attractions in the vicinity as well, being just a few minutes from Disney Land! They are located in Windermere and run to a depth of 40ft. If you are looking for a challenge then this is the place. All of the lakes are different in nature and are full of holes and dark spots so you can really push yourself if you choose.

The Kissimmee Lakes: Another chain of lakes, the Kissimmee Lakes are perhaps the most famous in the area because they are renowned and revered by bass fishing enthusiasts throughout the globe. People travel far and wide to experience the bass action here and with good reason. Lake Kissimmee, Lake Cypress, Lake Hatchinea and Lake Toho are right in the centre of Central Florida and provide a home to some of the biggest bass from miles around. Competitions are held here annually because of the 10lb beauties so you should definitely attempt to catch some yourself! Again, there are great transport links to the Kissimmee Lakes, but they are a little further away from the theme parks, thus providing you with a little more peace and quiet!

John's Lake is further away from the lake chains but just as beautiful and peaceful a setting for a spot of bass fishing. In fact, it is the perfect lake for beginners. You could effectively learn new techniques and find the style that you prefer at John's Lake. This is because it has a variety of areas on the lake. This means that the waters are clear in places, feature vegetation in others and has deep holes and ledges in others. There are no two areas that are identical and so you can choose what you do there and bring on your hobby. It is a little further out in Central Florida than the above lakes because it is at the border of Orange County and Lake County, but the facilities are just as good and the transport links will take you directly there. You can camp nearby or travel to the lake when you like and there will still be a spot available for you.