Texas Crappie Fishing

by : Daniel Eggertsen

One of the best places in the United Sates for crappie fishing is Texas. Anglers travel for many miles just to enjoy the great opportunities this state has to offer. Texas crappie fishing is always at its best no matter what else changes. For example, many anglers worry about the quality of some of the fish species changing throughout the years such as the largemouth bass but the crappie always appear to stay the same no matter what else changes.

Crappies are versatile fish which means they can adapt very well to changes and they grow in numerous numbers in the reservoirs that are full of structures where they make their home. They are also located in many of the lakes throughout the state as well and they can grow to some very impressive sizes.

Great Places to Fish for Crappie in Texas

One place in Texas that is considered to have excellent crappie fishing is Lake
Conroe. Anglers agree that it is easy to catch your limit of crappie when fishing here. The crappie can be found in the brushpiles scattered all through the lake but they are most plentiful in the brushpiles that are located about twenty feet deep under the water. Using electronics can help you locate the fish much faster and easier in Lake Conroe.

You can also find plenty of crappie in Lake Cooper but the best time to fish this lake is in the winter. During the wintertime you will find large schools of shad located around the creek channels. Where you find shad there will also be plenty of crappie swimming around. When fishing this lake in the spring you should look for them in the brush and along the shorelines where the shallow water is located.

Lake Livingston produces some of the most impressive crappie when it comes to size that you will find anywhere. Not only do they grow very large in this water but they are also plentiful. Early spring is the best time of year to fish for crappie and they will be found in the creek channels with water ranging around ten to fifteen feet deep. However, during the summer they will move out to the main part of the lake around bridges, brushpiles, stumps, coves, points, wood and other structures in the water.

Tips and Information for Catching Crappie in Texas

Crappie fishing is rather easy, which is why it is great for anglers of all skill levels. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that to have the most success you need to find the right depth where the crappie is located. Once you know the right depth you can have a lot of success reeling in the fish.

One technique used to determine the depth of the crappie is called the crocheting. To use this method you drop the bait to the bottom and let it set for a few minutes. Next you start reeling in the line slowly until you feel the crappie strike the bait. This is the depth where you need to fish. Timing your drops is another method of learning how deep the crappies are located.