Tennessee Bass Fishing - Where to Go, Tips?

by : Daniel Eggertsen

Tennessee Bass fishing is going to be its best this year at Dale Hollow, Tims Ford, South Holston and Pickwick reservoirs. The smallmouth bass fishing at Dale Hollow is going to provide some high catch rates and some fine fish. There are some regulations in place for smallmouth bass fishing, but this has resulted in some nice trophy size fish.

Anglers have said that fishing at night with jigs and spinnerbaits is the best time to catch smallmouth bass. You get away with using a four-pound test line and catch some nice sized fish. It is all of the presentation at Dale Hollow.

South Holston Lake is like a small, Dale Hollow. During the winter, you can catch a smallmouth bass on a float-n-fly or a jigging spoon. It is not unusual to catch a fish over twenty-five pounds of this lake. Ifyou are fishing this lake at night, you can use to grub and jig to catch plenty of bass. Tims Ford and Pickwick are coming along just nicely for smallmouth bass fishing. They do have regulations for minimum size, but it is working very well. These are just a few places in Tennessee that bass fishing is excellent for the most part. You can go just about anywhere in Tennessee and have some great fishing.

A couple other ones that you might consider are Percy Priest, Center Hill, and Norris and Watts Bar lakes. Although the smallmouths are declining in these areas, it still provides great fishing. These areas are still working with the 18-inch minimum size limit for smallmouth bass, which has started to improve the fishing conditions.

If you want to do some river fishing in Tennessee for smallmouth bass, you might try the Frank Fiss, the Pigeon River, Duck River or the Buffalo River. Although the pigeon River seems to be little down again this year, the Duck River is going to show some good numbers.

The Buffalo River on the other hand, is going to be a great place to find smallmouth bass, but you will see a lot of traffic as well. One popular river is the Little Pigeon River, which is starting to make a name for itself. You can catch some good size smallmouth bass down by the area of the French Broad River. However, if you want a wade in some water, you can go up by the Pigeon Forge.

To recap these places, the Little Pigeon River, has good fishing around the Pigeon Forge. The Buffalo River has a great fishing near Linden. The Pigeon River has great bass fishing by the French Broad River. The marina by Tims Ford Lake is a great place to start some smallmouth bass fishing. The smallmouth bass in Norris Lake is good around the Hickory Star Marina. Fishing at Dale Hollow Lake is good around Horse Creek Dock. With all these places to go fishing in Tennessee you cannot go wrong. You are going to have a great time fishing for smallmouth mouth bass.

If you are looking for some largemouth bass in Tennessee, you can look around Cumberland and Obey. The fishing for largemouth bass on Obey River is the best by the dam located by Dale Hollow. This area is great between June and September. One place to start is the Franklin Creek area. Identify the largemouth bass near the channel drops, and by the weed beds. You will find the larger fish, right after sun up by the shade areas on the water. Just use a green, black and blue or a brown jig with your favorite bait, and you are ready to go.

If you have an overcast day, use a spinnerbait near the tree trunks or the timber of the water. You will find a good fishing in these areas. Keep in mind that the color of spinnerbait you use is going to depend on the water conditions. Obey River is a great place to fish for bass. The Cumberland River has some nice size largemouth bass between the Cordell Hall and Old Hickory Lakes by Nashville.

During the summer months on the Cumberland River, you can use the black and blue jig, but make sure it is at least three fourths ounce or heavier in weight. In these areas you need to get down into the deep weeds. If you see a lot of wood in the water, this is where you want to drop your bait.

If you live in Tennessee or you are planning a fishing trip to Tennessee, these are some of the popular places for largemouth and smallmouth bass. The thing is that it is not going to take a lot of skill, only patients to catch these fish. However, once you find the right spot you are going to want to stay there and catch all the fish.