Playing Tennis With Injuries

by : Jim Brown

Children are the victims of playing tennis with the most injuries because they are not aware of the damage that can occur by swinging a tennis racquet at another person. The injuries might occur on purpose or they might be a hazard of the game, but playing tennis with injuries have a way of taking the fun out of playing the game. Many parents spend a lot of time teaching children how to use tennis racquets so that their child will experience no injuries while they are learning the game.

Some injuries that occur while playing tennis are a by-product of the movements that a tennis player makes during a game. With every serve and every swing at the tennis ball, there is a good chance that some cartilages is going to be damaged in the wrist or elbow region of the tennis player. Tennis elbow is a very painful injury that can keep players from enjoying the sport for many weeks at a time. With proper training and a good diet, tennis players can avoid injuries and improve their game faster than ever before.

Some tennis players counter the effects of tennis elbow by wearing support braces while they are playing. It is not unusual to see tennis players wearing elastic braces on their knees, ankles and wrists. The elastic bandages allow the player to control the movements of the injured body part and give the injury extra support by the bandages that are put around it. Some tennis players supplement the therapeutic qualities of the elastic by applying various ointments and heating lotions.

Some parents regulate the number of hours that their child can play games of tennis each week. They might even cut back on the number of games if the child shows signs of tenderness in the wrist, elbow or even the hips. Some children must increase their physical readiness to keep pace during a game of tennis and some parents worry that an injury will occur because their child is just not up to the fast paced action that occurs on the tennis court.

Many athletic support devices can be worn underneath tennis attire to offer support to the muscles in the midriff area. A pulled muscle in this area of the body is extremely painful, but this injury can be avoided if the proper equipment is worn while playing a game of tennis. Some tennis stars worry about looks more than their safety and will leave the protective materials in the locker room and play the game as if they had no injuries at all. At some point during the game, however, there is a good chance that the athlete will pull a muscle and not be able to play for weeks.

Other injuries that occur in tennis can occur by wearing the wrong footwear. Many tennis players incur blisters on the heels of their feet because the strenuous running during a tennis match requires various stops and starts that cause damage to the skin on the feet. A tennis player can counter the damaging effects of this type of injury by wearing socks that are thicker and applying powder to the feet. Any effort to control moisture will reduce the amount of blistering that is achieved during a game.