Get Some Air Using Powerskips Stilts?

by : Scott Wiseman

Jumping Stilts are also defined as Powerbocking is the act of jumping and running, much like a recreational pursuit in which participants traverse urban structure by running, jumping, vaulting, rolling (parkour), with elastic-like spring-loaded stilts. Many find it to be an extreme sport, for many more it is a form of exercise or even a source of artistic expression. The use of the stilts to perform extreme jumping, running and acrobatics is known as 'Bocking' or 'PowerBocking' called after it?s originator .

The jumping stilts were originally patented by Alexander B?ck, from Germany (European Patent EP 1 196 220 B1 on July 02, 2003, US Patent No. 6,719,671 B1 on April 13, 2004, both with a priority date of July 20, 1999), as Powerskips. The name of "PowerBocks" is derived from Mr. B?ck's name.

The authentic Powerskips are considered to be a brand for professional and serious fan use. The other professional brand is Velocity Stilts.

There are four main companies making a lower cost powerbocks for hobbyists. Fly Jumpers, PoweriZers (now also called PowerStriders) and Pro Jumps are some of the numerous various vendors of congruent models produced by one manufacturer in China called Flying Locust. Poweriser brand powerbocks are produced in Korea. 7 League Boots are produced by an Austrian company and are the most expensive of the non-pro brands. The fourth manufacturer is called Skyrunner, which does not pay royalties to Alexander B?ck and is illegal in copyright-protected countries.

Individual boot includes a foot pad with snowboard type fastenings, foot-plate and a fibreglass leaf spring. Applying only their weight, and {small number|few}}} maneuver, the user is generally able to jump 3?5 ft (1?1.5 meters) off the ground and run up to 20 mph (32 km/h). The jumping stilts also give the capacity to take up to 9 foot strides.[1]

Jumping Stilts are perceived by many names including: Flying Jumpers, Powerisers, Powerskips, Velocity Stilts, Flyjumpers, 7 League Boots, SkyRunner, Pro-Jumps, and Powerbocks.

Jumping Stilts epitomize the ultimate power and speed for the X-generation for the extreme adventure and fun . Jumping Stilts will enable you to execute outstanding athletic act of endurance : running at the speed of light, jumping and hoping higher than it could humanely possible. A particularly created Jumping Stilts derive the advantage on energy that is normally consumed in everyday movements. When you walk, you pick up your foot and move it forward; the coming down force of gravity moves your foot back to the ground. Now, the spring in these stilts stores that energy and jumps your foot right back up in the air on the next step. This accumulated energy can have you experience a "super-human" power: to run more rapidly and jump higher than you yet ever imagined.

What are the main characteristics of Jumping Stilts?

Made with strong metal springs

Intensifies your natural muscle strength

Includes durable plastic buckle straps for safety and comfort

Flexible height to fit leg length

Delivers cardiovascular workout with core stability exercise

Capability to jump up to six feet high

Makes stalks over nine feet wide

Run at the velocity of up to 20 miles an hour

No batteries or power supplies necessary

For many people their current fitness system can become dull . Do you crave and fancy about something diverse? This is an incredible replacement for the type of thrill you may be looking for! The next step is to get a pair of Powerisers. These amazing jumping stilts act as elongation of your own leg, giving you the unimaginable ability to jump, leap and run in ultimate mode!

Envision jumping six feet in the air barely even excreating or running at speeds of over 20 miles an hour, the record that even a professional athlete cannot attain! The very core behind these stupendous fun fitness contraptions is the round springs, which are attached to the base. When you {{thrust|push|ram}}} your feet down, your weight produces gravitational energy. The super-charged springs then push back, controlling this energy and providing you with the power to run, leap and bound, reaching tremendous height and speed!

However, you don't have to be body builder or an extreme sports fanatic to enjoy of the Poweriser Jumping Stilts. Just by simply enjoying a brisk walk in these is adequate to give you a fabulous cardiovascular workout, integrated with weight training and core stability exercises. This kind of physical activity can bring more exuberance than the regular gym regimen!