Marine GPS Units Have Been Quite Useful For Fisherman

by : Phoenix Delray

Fishing used to be a means of survival, now it has become a popular sport and past time all around the world. From deep sea fishing to river and lake varieties, people enjoy fishing as a competitive sport, solo activity or family bonding experience, often during vacations and travel holidays. Auto GPS units have become popular with the technical advancements of vehicles. It used to be that auto GPS units were reserved for special government related, military and security systems. In our advanced world, it is now common for auto GPS units to come standard on most new vehicles.

Technology hasnt stopped with cars, though, fishing has become high tech, too. One such example of high technology fishing equipment is the GPS fish finder. This instrument helps fisherman find the animals they hunt, all credited to sonar transmitters. The word sonar is actually an acronym for Sound Navigation Ranging. Developed during World War Two to track enemy submarine fleets, a sonar has a transmitter, receiver, transducer and display, all of which translate to a device that is readable and serves the purpose of tracking various moving objects, in the case of fishing, fish.

A GPS fish finder locates swimming animals by sending an electrical impulse from the transmitter, converted into a sound wave by the transducer, which then travels through water en rout to a single fish or perhaps school of a specific species. Of course finding a school of fish is the more preferable of the two if you are a sports fisherman. As the sound wave continues to travel, it hits a fish or school or other swimming animal, bounces back and is displayed on the GPS fish finder screen.

These high tech electronics are often seen on television shows such as Discovery Channel, also on the same networks popular special programming Shark Week. Again, you dont have to be a commercial fisherman to have access to these devices anymore, now such systems are available to average Joe leisure fisherman.

While a marine GPS Unit is a handy toy to fish with, it still does not make a fish take the bait. It can find the fish, though, and so the marine GPS unit is a hit among serious competitors within the world of sports fishing. Just like driving your car to a grocery store you have never been to, with a marine GPS unit, a boat can get navigational direction to a body of waters specific coordinates so that bountiful fishing is more likely.