Crappie Fishing in Georgia

by : Daniel Eggertsen

Crappie fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing around and Georgia is a great place to enjoy it at. With the many lakes, rivers, streams and other freshwater sources in Georgia, it leaves for many opportunities for crappie fishing. Yet crappie fishing in Georgia is different from anywhere else in the country. The climate is different, the waters are different and you need to know how to fish properly in these waters to get the most benefit from it.

Georgia has some of the most beautiful fishing waters of the south and you can enjoy them for yourself whether you are from Georgia or just passing through. If you're planning a vacation, there are even great Georgia crappie fishing charters you can try to get part in. These fishing charters are also great for people who are new to fishing or new to this particular type of fishing. It is especially helpful if you are not from Georgia or not from that particular area of Georgia because they can show you where to go and help you learn the proper techniques for fishing in this area.

How to Catch Crappie in Georgia

So now that you know more about crappie fishing in general, I bet you're ready to learn how to catch crappie in Georgia. There are many different crappie fishing techniques out there as well as many different places in the country that you can fish for crappie so when it comes to fishing in Georgia, here are some important tips to help you.

Most crappie prefer cooler temperatures so in a warm or muggy Georgia climate, fishing at night is often a good idea. When fishing for crappie in Georgia, you will find that often the waters are murkier. This is because there is a lot of swamplands in Georgia and in the freshwater areas where crappie enjoy. Because of this, you may want to use brightly colored bait, scented lures and similar devices to make it easier for the crappie to see your bait and take a bite.

Best Spots for Fishing Crappie in Georgia

Now that you know how to catch crappie in Georgia, you need to know where to go to fish. Crappie are some of the most common fish species in Georgia but the downside is that their numbers can be low at times and quite high at other peak times.