As if Things Werent Tough Enough...

by : Majestic Help

As If Things Weren't Tough Enough...
Basketball season ground to a difficult halt for the Florida Gators several weeks ago, but considering the fact that the team lost their experienced players at the end of last season, the young, inexperienced current team fought the best it could as far as the NIT finals. It wasn't a pretty end, but experience is a hard, but great, teacher, and this team learned some lessons that wil help it come out more stable next season.

Moving on to football and the world of the bizarre at Florida, here's the latest turn of events. Keep in mind that this didn't happen during the season on the field. It happened while the Gators were moving into new offices.

Somehow, someone thought it was a good idea to put the national title trophy with the crystal football perched on top of it, onto a table that was obviously not too stable. A recruit accidentally bumped the table, sending the trophy crashing to pieces on the floor.

The silver lining to all this is that the Gators had already ordered a second trophy when they won the national title in the first place. In addition, the trophy that is in pieces was insured for $8,000 so that it can be replaced.

Too bad they can't insure a tough season the same way. Oh well, the trophy will be replaced, and maybe there's a shot at playing well enough for a new one next season - in any sport.