Gators Have Some Things to Cheer About

by : Majestic Help

Gators Have Some Things to Cheer About
It's no secret that the Florida Gators had a tough end to their basketball season a few weeks ago. OK, so that knocked a little wind out of everybody. But there's more to Gator life than basketball. Gator basketball will get stronger and more experienced While we wait, there's great gymnastics, thank goodness!

Let's take, for example, the gymnastics team. They have been on fire in the SEC tournament and have been wearing down the #1 Georgia Bulldogs. Even though the Gators are #2, they are closing in on the Bulldogs.

The Gators posted the top score of the NCAA tournament today, and even had Bulldogs fans cheering. They advanced to the NCAA Super Six for the 4th time in five years.

Coach Rhonda Faehn is confident in her team. "They are healthier than they have been in the past 6 years while in the tournament," Faehn has said. Their performance has proven it. They have been focused and solid. They are earning the numbers.

Melanie Sinclair is at the top of her game and the top of the points at 39.525 all around points. The floor exercises ended with four Gators with 9.90 or more. It doesn't get much better than that.

Later tonight is the competition between the Super Six [teams] to see who will win it all and come out on top. It looks like Florida has the best shot.

So, root for your team. Show your spirit. Wear your colors.