Alabama Saltwater Fishing

by : Daniel Eggertsen

Do you love saltwater fishing? Do you live in or around the Alabama area and want to try your hand at saltwater fishing? Will you be traveling to Alabama and want to know about the hottest and greatest places for saltwater fishing in Alabama? Alabama is a great place for any angler, from freshwater to saltwater, there are many different bodies of water available for you to consider.

The Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division of Alabama is in charge of all the fishing resources in Alabama. They help to manage, protect and conserve the many great freshwater fishing resources within the state. If you're interested in saltwater fishing, you need to look into the Marine Resources Division who is in charge of the saltwater resources in the state. Whatever type of fishing you prefer, Alabama has many great options for you to explore.

Where and How to Catch Saltwater Fish in Alabama

Now that you know you want to catch saltwater fish in Alabama, you need to learn the real ins-and-outs of the process. Where can you fish? How to fish? What bait is best to use? What state regulations govern saltwater fishing in Alabama? Some fish are best found in deep waters, others prefer shallow shores and some (such as Grouper) require fishing at the bottom of the waters near the ground. The specific tactics and bait used as well as the location of where you set out to fish will all depend on what specific Alabama saltwater fish you're out to get.

If you want to go saltwater fishing in Alabama, a great place to start is by knowing what type of fish to fish for. There are many different types of Alabama saltwater fish. Here are some examples:

Blue runner
Alabama waters. In addition to this, you will need several fishing supplies and most likely a boat.

Since most saltwater areas of Alabama are located in and around the gulf coast, you will most likely need a boat to gain access to fishing areas. Depending on the type of fish you want, a boat may be necessary to be able to reach deep enough saltwater for the fish you desire.

Some possible bait types include live bait, cigar minnows, cut bait, artificial lures, squid, shrimp, etc. The type of bait you choose will depend partially on the type of fish you are trying to catch. For example, when fishing for Black Drum fish, try Blue Crab (cut in quarters), hermit crabs and leadhead jigs. Groupers like cut bait on a single hook and fished around the bottom like natural prey.