Why America Loves NASCAR Racing

by : Fred Peters

NASCAR Racing has become one of the most popular sports in America and its popularity is increasing every year. For those of us who are NASCAR fans we completely understand why it has increased in popularity, but many others don't understand why. To those non-NASCAR fans, they ask, "What is there to love about a sport with just left turns?".

So why is NASCAR racing so popular? It is hard to say, but I think that there are several reasons that come up over and over. This article will explore why NASCAR fans love the sport so much..

The first reason that NASCAR racing is so popular is that it is easy to follow. My wife has watched football all of her life, but to this day she does not truly understand the rules. However, the rules of NASCAR racing are fairly easy. As with any race, the NASCAR driver that finishes first wins. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Over 100,000 NASCAR fans show up at the racetrack every week to watch their favorite NASCAR drivers race toward the Sprint Cup. But many million more fans have a Sunday ritual of watching television on raceday. This doesn't even count the many more who gain access to BUSCH races, qualifying sessions, and practice sessions. There are also many race fans who make big weekend events out of races with tailgating and barbeque grilling.

The second reason why NASCAR racing is so popular is because NASCAR has done a great job making it a family sport. Husbands, wives and children all love to watch the races together as a family. A husband may like Tony Stewart, a wife Dale Jr and the kids liking Jeff Gordon. This is one of the biggest reason why NASCAR racing has seen an increase in popularity. It is a family sport. Both kids and adults like racing.

Another one of the many reasons why NASCAR racing has seen an increase in popularity is because of the drivers. Most racers seem like your average guys. They don't come off as primadonnas like in baseball and basketball. Many NASCAR drivers started racing around dirt tracks and come from normal upbringings just like the fans of the sport..

NASCAR is popular for many different number of reasons. One article can't describe in totality why millions of Americans tune into watch a NASCAR race. However, the results speak for themselves. NASCAR is the fastest growing sport in terms of popularity in the United States. It is showing no signs of leveling out in its grow of fans.