Protecting Your Ping Pong Paddle

by : Miodrag Trajkovic

As a ping pong player, you need to consider the fact that your equipment is an investment that you need to take care of. Although the equipment isn't that expensive compared to other sporting equipment; not taking care of your ping pong equipment will not only cause you to constantly purchase replacements but it will also affect the quality of your performance whenever you play ping pong.

One thing that you need to take care of is your paddle and the rubber glued on it.

In order to protect your ping pong paddle and the rubber, you will want to purchase a paddle case. With this, you will be able to effectively protect your ping pong paddle from accidental drops and bumps. You can either choose from a canvas case or there are also some available hard cases that will be able to offer heavy duty protection to your paddle.

If you own a customized paddle, you know how expensive it can be to get one specially made for you. Now, what if you left your paddle on a bench and someone sat on it? It can be quite frustrating and it will indeed cost you a lot of money to get another one made. But, if you are just a beginner, with a pre-made paddle you will want to settle for the canvas type paddle case.

Another thing that you need to protect is the rubber attached to your paddle. This is the one responsible for gripping the ball and making it spin. Without it, you will only achieve weak or little spins on the ball. The rubber will grip the ball and it will also provide you with control.

After a game, you will want to clean the rubber with a water based rubber cleaner that is specially formulated to clean ping pong paddle rubber. With this, it will get rid of the dust, oil and other contaminants that it accumulated during the game. You will be able to get this in your local sporting goods store. With it, you will keep your rubber as good as new.

After cleaning it, you will also want to further protect it from accumulating dust and other contaminants again. In addition to the paddle case, you will want to get a protection sheet. This is a plastic sheet with light adhesive that sticks to the rubber. Be sure to place these sheets on both sides of your paddle to ensure maximum protection of both rubbers.

These are the ways on how you can take care of the ping pong paddle and the glued rubber. By remembering these things, you can be sure that you will be able to keep your ping pong paddle and rubber as good as new.