How to Choose Your First Ping Pong Paddle

by : Miodrag Trajkovic

After learning the basics of ping pong, you now want to learn how to improve your game. You have to consider the fact that the game of ping pong will not only rely on your quick reflexes, excellent hand eye coordination, speed, and quick thinking, but it will also rely on the ping pong paddle.

If you want to improve your ping pong skills, your basic or ready made paddle that you can buy on the market isn't enough. You have to purchase a new paddle which is better in quality so that you will be able to enhance the power when you hit the ball, increase control and accuracy, as well as put more spins on the ball.

The first step when buying a paddle is by buying a blade with no rubbers attached to the blade. There are quite a lot of blades available on the market today. For your first serious ping pong paddle, you may want to start with an all around blade that is available from ping pong blade manufacturers, such as Stiga, Butterfly, Double Happiness, and Donic.

Since you are still developing your skills as a ping pong player, you don't need to try hard when choosing a ping pong blade regarding the weight, head size, balance, speed and other factors that professional ping pong players look for. An all around blade will do just fine.

When choosing a blade, you should go for one with a handle type that best suits your grip type. If you use a pen hold, then you may want to go for a blade with a handle designed for pen hold grips and the same goes for the shake hands grip. Try to go for the blade that has handles that feels good to you. There are quite a lot of handle types available but as a person who is buying his or her first paddle, just settle for one that is comfortable to handle.

The rubber is also an essential part. You will need to attach this to the blade. When choosing a rubber, it is highly recommended that you go for smooth rubbers that you will place on both sides of the paddle. Try to stay away from rubbers with pimples as these are specialized and will limit certain strokes and spins that you can do.

Lastly, you will want to buy a good cover to store your ping pong paddle in. With it, you will be able to keep it safe from getting damaged by dirt, liquid spills, and sunlight. These elements can weaken the rubber and can affect your games.

These are some of the things that you need to remember when buying your first ping pong paddle. By following these tips, you can be sure that you will be able to enhance your skills more and also improve your performance when playing ping pong.