The Police Puts Out the Olympic Flame in Paris

by : Stephen Lars

The Olympic torch relay of the Beijing Games encountered several bumps during its journey through Paris which forced the torch to be carried into a bus reported the police. But, shortly after the Olympic fire was on again.

Since its exit at the Eiffel Tower the former athlete Stephane DiaganÃ? carried site the torch. Unfortunately, it became rapidly surrounded by demonstrators in favor of the human rights; while thousands of Tibet flags were show; a situation which rapidly became chaotic.

Due to the delay the situation arose the organizers decided to transport the torch by a bus in various sections where the number the demonstrators was greater. Many of them tried to upset the parade, which was surrounded by impressive measures of security.

Near the Southern part of Paris the police indicated that four persons who carried a fire extinguisher were detained along the way reason for which the scheduled ceremonies were suspended.

Due to these recent incidents the Olympic torch's journey was modified. The event organizers, in coordination with the Chinese Embassy in Paris decided to call off the predicted ceremony in the City Hall, which had duration of half an hour.

One of the organizations involved in the protests - Reporters Without Borders - and others pro defense of the Tibet where much involved in the demonstrations at the French capital. Finally; the torch arrived at 5: 40 PM to the Charlety of Paris stadium; almost 45 minutes behind the predicted schedule after a chaotic route of 28 kilometers shadowed by activists trying to encourage the world to defend the human rights situation in Tibet.

Security Overview

The French authorities had designed a strong safety plan to avoid incidents in the case someone tried to step while the Olympic fire was on march. The measurements included 3,000 agents who created a ring of a perimeter of 200 meters around the flame all this to once more prevent any type of unexpected incidents as the ones that recently took place in London.

Additionally, some 65-motorcycle riders surrounded the torch and two security vehicles besides a helicopter and several motorboats followed them on the Siena River stream. There was also an extensive deployment of police officers, firemen and other agents who complemented the group.

No Itinerary Changes in Beijing

Despite of the recent unfortunate events, the 2008 Beijing Organizer Committee, stated that "nothing will able to stop" the march of the Olympic torch and added that its voyage throughout the world "will be maintained" accordingly and "will be a success". "We will not change the schedules due to the incidents", rebranded Wang Hui, the Public Relations of the Bocog department's director, who ruled out the possibility to send "troops of security" to the cities in which the torch will be arriving, as they do not want to create a tenser atmosphere surrounding the Olympic fire.

The torch, that now is in Paris, will traveled through 21 cities in five continents as well as via several Chinese provinces before returning to Beijing for the Olympic games' inaugural ceremony, which will be celebrated next August 8th.