Some Love It, Some Hate It - Boxing

by : Kenneth Scott

Boxing is a game to be admired for more reasons than one. Boxers like Mohammad Ali have been a delight to watch and one would not mind staying up late in the night to watch a fight between Cassius Clay (which is what he was called) and Sonny Liston.

Light weight boxers are more of a pleasure to watch. They are nimble footed and can therefore use all the wonderful techniques that boxing entails. The heavy weight boxers trend to grasp each other in a strong clasp and hold on to that position for what seems like hours. It is just a bit too boring having to watch two huge men trying to clamber over each other. Brutal strength, though amazing, does not provide too much entertainment value or education towards the sport.

The lighter weight categories on the other hand are more entertaining and can provide a meaningful watch for some time with their techniques and tricks. They literally flit around the ring and one would never imagine that they would hit so hard.

The techniques and training that are undertaken for boxing can provide everyone with some amount of education, especially in the area of fitness and diet. Irrespective of the fact that skipping is considered to be for girls it is a standard routine that is followed by all boxers. It is an essential part of the training that goes into boxing. Another aspect of the boxing fitness regime is running. Running on the road provides stamina and builds endurance. In the gym, they concentrate of various equipments like speed ball and the heavy bag. The speed ball is used to practice quick response and the heavy ball is used for power training.

Following the exercise and diet regime that the boxers have to maintain can ensure that you remain fit and healthy. To inspire you, you should consider buying boxing gloves, a heavy bag and speed balls.

Contrary to common belief, many people consider boxing as extremely male. This is a wrong notion and should be avoided at all times. Women can also benefit a lot from the training in boxing techniques. Not only shall it keep you fit, but also ensure that you can handle a situation when a mugger approaches.

Boxing can help you build your self-esteem and confidence. It provides you with the required self-approval that comes along with being more fit.