Sports Dancing Used By A Cheerleading Squad

by : Jim Brown

Long before they enter high school some teenagers have taken classes that will prepare them for the sport dancing that is used by the cheerleading squad. Perhaps the child has dreamed of being a cheerleader for years and the extra work involved in getting ready for the challenge of cheerleading might mean that they devote most of their summer vacation to training at a gym.

The gymnastics programs provide children with the training that is needed in sport dancing events. Some of these sport dancing events are conducted on a national level such as the Olympics or on a more personal level when the teenager begins to date and gets on the dance floor for the first time. Of course, the inexperienced teenager would have to rely on her partner to ensure that the dancing moves were not too rough or too sensuous.

The type of sport dancing moves that a cheer leader would use are those that involve the high flips and twists and turns that are used on the athletic playing field. The teenager will become accustomed to being close to their partner on the playing field and that person will also earn their trust in protecting them from harm from falls that can occur and seriously injure them for life.

The teenager will have to put in a lot of practice to ensure that the sport dancing maneuvers are delivered with the right emphasis and a certain amount of class that is atypical of cheerleaders around the world. Sports dancing can involve them entire cheerleading team because the group moves together with precision accuracy on many of the schemes that are coordinated with a choreographer who has a long history in sport dancing involving teenagers.

While sports dancing moves at cheerleading events are not as passionate as those displayed on an ice rink by a couple, the moves are still intimate if but for a brief moment. The fluidity of well-toned bodies performing back flips in front of a cheering crowd can be very inspiring to someone who appreciates the skills that the teenagers have developed in such a very short time.

As in any dancing competition, sport dancing is rated on merit and method of delivery. Many cheerleading teams have won their championship titles because they devoted a lot of time to perfecting each move that they do in front of crowds. Some teenagers use their gymnastic training to strengthen their bodies for other sport dancing events that require a more intimate form of dancing and with further training the sport dancing efforts might lead them to qualifying for an Olympic ballroom dancing sports team.