Cycling For All The Family

by : Harwood E Woodpecker

The average family of 2007 spent less than 6 hours a week doing things as a family; this excludes watching television which for many families is as good as family time gets.

With the pressures of working and home life becoming too much for many families the break-up of family life is an all too familiar thing today. But it doesn't have to be this way, there are so many things that can help build family relationships. One of which is cycling.

All you need to do is supply your family with a cheap racing bike or a cheap mountain bike each to start with and away you go.

Before you set off I'd advise having a rough idea of a route and the distance that each member of your family will be comfortable riding on their new cheap racing bike, it would be a terrible mistake to expect too much from members of your family by pushing them too hard, anyway, you want this to be a fun activity that members of your family want to take part in again.

There are a few things to look out for when buying your cheap racing bike such as making sure that you get the right size cheap racing bike for each member of your family. Be aware that the younger members of your family may still be growing and make sure you get them a cheap racing bike that they will be able to grow into comfortably and not have difficulty in riding from the outset.

Buying each member of the family a cheap racing bike to start off with is a good idea as they are generally pretty easy to get used to riding as well as looking pretty cool. Cheap racing bikes now come equipped with all of the latest bits and pieces such as toe straps or clip-less pedals and dual brake levers and gear shifts.

Today the frame choices available are much more diverse than a few years ago when cheap racing bikes came with a steel tubular frame set and nothing more. Today's cheap racing bikes come in an array of materials such as the standard tubular steel, light weight aluminium or ultra light weight carbon fibre.

Try to plan a route that will not be too taxing for your family, nothing too technical or demanding. As time goes on and your family get more and more into the experience of cycling you can get more and more adventurous with your routes.

If you don't live in an area that is suitable for your family to cycle in why not put your cheap racing bikes in the car and travel out to the country. I'd always recommend bringing a detailed map with you of the area just in case you get lost or a disaster befalls you.

Other things you should really bring with you are spare inner tubes or a puncture repair kit, water proofs, tyre levers, drinking water, some money and a mobile phone. Divided up amongst the family this shouldn't be too much of a burden to carry on your cheap racing bikes.
When out riding your racing bikes always be sure to wear clothing that you will be seen in and always wear a helmet.

Cycling will keep you fit and could bring your family closer together.