Lcra, Redefining Outdoors

by : Joe Cline - Austin Real Estate Broker

If you're looking for a great weekend getaway, LCRA Parks and Reserves is one great place to go to. With its beautiful sights and developed parks, you can enjoy nature in another level. Experiencing the different activities offered by LCRA Parks and Reserves will surely make your trip memorable and keep you coming back for more.

What is LCRA?

LCRA stands for 'Lower Colorado River Authority'. It is a public agency that is owned and created by the state of Texas. It holds jurisdiction over the lower part of the Colorado River and is authorized to store water and sell it, generate electricity, avoid flood damage, and execute reforestation programs and soil-conservation programs.

Since 1935, up to now, the LCRA still operates and develops various parks in the Lower Colorado area. It provides a different kind of getaway experience for those who are up to the challenge and adventure, with a whole bunch of fun-filled activities for you, family, and friends!

Fun-filled and Developed Parks

LCRA's developed parks have lots of activities to offer. With over 40 parks to choose from, a whole week's stay wouldn't seem like a week at all. Time passes by so fast, as you have tremendous fun exploring the area. Its parks are truly one great weekend getaway spot for family bonding or an exciting adventure with friends.

There are a number of things you can do in the parks. You can go swimming, sailing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, observing and seeing wildlife, and taking a river trip guided with well-trained personnel. You can also do nighttime activities, like stargazing. There are even spots where you can also ride your horse.

The park's facilities are well maintained and very much up to date. They provide your basic needs, while away from the city. There are boat ramps, cabins and mini cabins, canoe and kayak launch sites, equestrian trails, fishing piers, picnic pavilions, walking & hiking trails, picnic tables & grills, restrooms, screened shelters, tent camping sites, and many more.

Recreational Areas

There are recreational areas in the rustic High Land Lakes. Here, you can also go tent camping. There are boat ramps, fire rings, picnic tables, and trails, giving access to one of a kind sceneries and views of the lake. You can have one great camping trip here for the whole family.

Educational Programs

Nature Parks and Nature Centers offer very interesting educational programs for people of all ages. Twelfth grade students and youth groups can take part in the Natural Science Programs, which teach about wildlife, water quality, geology, and many more environmental topics. Programs can vary from one day to multi day, depending on your preference.

Adventure Programs

LCRA Parks and Recreations also offer water adventure programs. Here, you can go rafting, kayaking, and boating along the High Land Lakes, Matagorda Bay, and Colorado River. Whether it is an individual or group program for schools, corporate groups or youth groups, the adventure experience is all the same.

Team-building Programs

A Challenge Course in McKinney Roughs is equipped to house team-building programs. Schools, corporate groups, and other organizations can enroll in this kind of program, which has personal and interpersonal growth as its goal.

The beauty and benefits of the work of the LCRA has created fabulous homesites that avail homeowners views and access to the beauty of nature.