Equipment Necessary For Fastpitch Softball

by : Kenneth Scott

Fastpitch softball is a game that most of us have played during our childhood. And then we get busy with higher education or a job and leave that fond game behind. One of these days I was rummaging through the attic and found my fastpitch softball equipment. It reminded me so much about my childhood and the fun that I used to have while playing it that I decided to check out some adult leagues in the city.

And much to my surprise and happiness, I found many adults who were willing to get back to the game just as I was. Joining the league was the first thing that I did. But then I was faced with the daunting task of selecting new equipment.

I did not want to use my old equipment since I had no clue what it would be worth after so many years. I did not want to be embarrassed by a bat tattering to pieces as soon as I hit the first ball. I had no clue what my old equipment had cost my dad way back when I was a boy. I was sure that the prices would have gone up since then.

When I visited the store, I realized that not only had the prices changed but the technology used to make the equipment had also undergone a large change. The bat was made of a composite material that allowed for large power and allowed quickness of response. The latest ones were much lighter than the ones that were available during our times. The gloves were made of very fine leather that was soft and allowed more flexibility. The spiked shoes also were made from the latest technology and were felt extremely comfortable when I tried them. I was informed that they were specially designed to provide more support.

All this technology was good but the price tags made me shiver and I wondered how I could ever be able to buy the equipment in my limited budget. Thinking of the problem at hand, I returned home and decided to sleep over the problem.

But I did not need to because when I logged into the Internet before going to bed and searched for some fastpitch softball equipment, I realized that the same equipment that I saw in the stores was available on the Internet but at much cheaper prices. The prices were lower not because of the fact that the quality was any poorer but because buying on the Internet did not need to be supported by the store infrastructure and labor.

So without, any further delay, I clicked and bought the equipment that I needed and waited for the delivery, which landed at my doorstep a couple of days later. Now I enjoy adult league fastpitch softball each weekend!