Rugby Six Nations Cup: Spain Could not Win Over Romania

by : Stephen Lars

Spain was only one step to win over Romania, one of the teams that recently participated in the 2007 France World Championship ranked seventh amongst the European powerhouses disputing the Rugby Six Nations tournament.

The Romanian team has clearly been a strong force as they have won twenty-four of the twenty-five games played in the tournament; the team is completely renewed after the Rugby World Championship.

During the first part of the game the Spaniard team played one of their best games in the last seasons; being able to take advantage over the Romanians, but remained without forces in the second part. At the end they did not know how to pull through their best tricks despite the rival had one less player.

The Romanian forward always kept one step ahead of the Spaniard player. Gratton failed two blows and a transformation in the first part but overall the Spaniards knew to put up a fight against the Romanians. Spaniard Bohorquez, who was injured, had to be replaced by Serrano.

During the first twelve minutes Poparlan opened the scoreboard for the Romania and Camacho answered with the first point for Spain before the first half an hour. The Romanian coach changed his two midfielders, Calafeteanu and Dimofte, and opened the entrance for Andrei and Dumbrava, and he proved to be right.

On the other hand, Spain's forces failed in the second half. Spain's English Coach Ged Glynn tried to change strategies but were the Rumanians who managed to do it the task. The Spaniards not ready to yield yet were on the verge of adding five points but were stopped just one meter from the mark line.

One of Romania's players Mersoiu was asked to leave the field but this wasn't too advantageous for Spain that continue to struggle and returning the ball to the Rumanians.

At the end of the game, the Spaniards had the last opportunity to score, Sempere shot the ball out the band and the Rumanians recovered the ball again.

In spite of the loss, Spain gave again a good image and a great environment and managed to show that the road ahead since the arrival of the English coach is the right move for the sport of rugby at a national level.