Cricket - English Game

by : Marcia Henin

Cricket is the passion of all Brits. Playing cricket has been a well-known tradition in all English homes from the beginning of 18th century. English cricket was a part of leisure as well as English tea; playing it was considered a status of symbol, an exhibition of good taste. The announcements of cricket tournaments were often published in English newspapers: the pictures of the time depicted the players dressed in white shirts, white breeches and cylinders, elegantly leaning towards the cricket ball.

The Cricket game has been the favored game in most English high schools - the most "rich and famous" schools hold a long history of cricket games. Eaton, Rugby and other selective schools were famous not only because of the education they provided, but also remembered for their sport games and sport groups. Cricket was a symbol of high standard, of belonging to a certain social group. The sight of boys and girls playing cricket on green lawns gave a British citizen feeling of certainty and trust in the strength of British Empire, known worldwide for its physical education.

The rules in cricket are not too difficult and can be easily learned: two teams, of eleven players each, play on grass field, in a center of which is cricket pitch. In some ways it is analogous to the American Baseball: a bowler, whose role in the game is to bowl cricket balls, is analogous to a pitcher in baseball. However, there are different categories of bowlers, relying either on speed or on the rotation of the ball. There are also different codes of behavior, which many players learn from their childhood.

Cricket has maintained its role as the symbol of British tradition - the passion for Cricket, developed in school years, doesn't fade as the time goes by. These days, Cricket news is popular in certain countries just as much as soccer.