Half Time Stunts at Football Games

by : Jimmy Cox

Entertainment of some kind between halves at a football match to keep the public's attention and interest is desirable. If your school does not have a band or pep squad to drill between halves, below are listed some suggested entertainment that you could offer. Remember that the half time shows are produced to entertain fans of both teams so be sure there is no prejudice shown to either team.

Coronation Parade: The crowning of the Queen for your homecoming.

Torchlight Parade: If the game is held at night the stadium lights may be turned off and a group of students could perform a drill with torchlights.

Speakers: Arrange to have a prominent person or an alumnus attend the game and make a short speech during the halftime.

Pet Show: Many of your local fans or students have Pets they would like to show off.

Flash Card Stunts

Midget Football Game. Give the juniors a chance to show off their brawn and muscle.

General Exhibitions. Tumbling and trampoline exhibitions are always interesting. Also, depending on the talent available: Exhibitions on

Baton TwirlingMilitary Drills
Pom Pom RoutinesCalisthenics by your
Flag WavingGym Class
Serape RoutineDance Routines

(Mexican Shawls) Comedy Shows. A clown or two to ease the tension will help the program.

Dance Routines

The Baton Rouge (La.) High School Booster Squad has a group of dancing girls called "The Highsteppers." They have put on very entertaining programs at the basketball games as well as at football. They made quite a name for themselves in the state.

Last year they auditioned for half time activities at the annual Sugar Bowl Game at New Orleans. At our basketball games they have performed as a precision rifle team where they show their skill in doing rifle drilling routines. They also presented a "fluorescent light show" where the lights are turned off, with the exception of fluorescent lights, which makes their costumes shine in the dark while doing their dances. Their dances all have a theme such as "Cinderella," "A Trip to Chicago," etc.

Copy The Circus For Half Time Stunt

Remember the stunt they pull at the circus?

In comes a sedan with whitewash on all of the windows with the exception of a peep hole for the driver.

The horn sounds and an attendant opens the door, out pops a clown the door is closed, the attendant walks away, the horn sounds again, and out pops another clown . . . This is repeated until 15 to 20 clowns come out followed by a mule. It's a real laugh provoker.

Do the same thing at your high school or college. If you don't make up as clowns, you can try and put one-third of your band in the car. Bring them onto the field a new way. The laugh gets louder when at last the tuba player who has to put his instrument together before he emerges and the bass drum player comes out pounding his drum.

How do you do it ? It's simple if you remove everything inside the rather old car front and back seat. Bunch all the players up in tight knots or lay them out flat.

The last ones out will be back in the luggage compartment. The last one out should, of course, be the band director.

These are just some suggestions to enliven you half-time at the football.
Have fun!