Singapore to Host the 2010 Youth Olympic Games

by : Claudia Beckford

Just a few hours ago the IOC (International Olympic Committee) president Jacques Rogge officially announced the inauguration of the first Summer Youth Olympic Games which will be held in Singapore for a period of 10 days from August 14th to the 26th, 2010.

There were many cities interested in hosting the games among which we can mention: Debrecen, Guatemala City, Kuala Lumpur, Poznan, Athens, Bangkok, and Turin. These last three locations were included in the final round and competed against Moscow and Singapore which became the remaining two cities from the selection process.

The city of Moscow had been working on the games' campaign for quite some time; basically right after their victory to host the 2014 Winter Olympics. The country's aim is to be able to show their traditions and expand the Russian culture worldwide. One very positive aspect is the Russian government's entire support for these kind of actions with budgets of over USD 180 millions to be shared between education, venues development and culture activities.

On the other hand, there is Singapore... there are plans to use National University Campus as one of the Olympic Village where the games could be held without concerns. Additionally, the city will deliver an equestrian complex and an extra villa for which there is a budget of approximately USD 75 millions.

The government and the country students have made their support public and hope the summer games will be a success.

The first edition of the Youth Games will be opened to young athletes from 14 to 18 years of age in 26 different sporting categories; up to this point a listing of over 3,200 sign ups has been calculated.

"This is a key moment for the Olympic movement," Rogge said. "Singapore has put together a very exciting project. Hosting the Youth Olympic Games for the first time is a great responsibility, and I have every confidence in the team in Singapore."

Jacques Rogge is the designer of such an event and he is very pleased with the enormous optimistic reactions among youngsters; particularly in Singapore at the moment of the news was released. Rogge expects the event to increase everybody's interest in sports from an early age which is indeed an admirable contribution to the humankind.