Description of Sport Horse Ireland

by : Anne Tide

Sometimes, there's nothing more beautiful than a horse running across the fields and what makes this scenery more wonderful is the fact that we can be there, riding that horse. It is a fact that horses are among the favorite animals of many of us and fortunately, people who are interested in purchasing horses have at their disposal a variety of offers.

Ireland is known throughout the world for its horses, for breeding and dressage of famous horses ireland. It is difficult to translate into words the charm of these horses, which are carefully selected to suit every customer's ability. This country seems to be made for breeding the finest horses. The sport horse ireland can enjoy the perfect environment of limestone rich soil and lush grass. The great Irish breeds have a long tradition and we treat our horses with the proper seriousness.

Many horses are produced in Ireland and the Irish breeders have the government on their side when it comes to breeding. The Irish Draught breeding is found in many top class competitions, including eventing, showing and dressage. The sport horse ireland has a graceful carriage of head and neck and strong limbs with short cannon bones. The horses ireland are active horses, with substance and quality; they are intelligent and gentle, being famous for their docility and sense. The horses ireland are riding and work horses of economic importance.

There are a couple of important different sport horses in Ireland: the Irish Draught horse, the Irish Hunter, the Irish Cob and the Connemara Pony. The Draught horse is the classical racing horse, reaching a size of 160 to 170 cm. The Draught sport horse ireland has firm legs with strong joints and chords, large hooves, long neck and a noble head. The Irish Draught is a horse of the countryside and an environment product, but it cannot be considered a distinctive breed the way European farm horses are. Usually these horses are used in workhorse, karossier and riding. The horse dealers who came to Ireland in order tom purchase horses gave them the name of Irish Draught. Nowadays the Irish Draught is widely known, playing a major role as the foundation breed of sport horse ireland.

The Irish Hunter came as a result of the crossing of an Irish Draught with an English full blood horse. This sport horse ireland is used frequently as a riding horse and in show jumping. The Irish Cob is not a genuine horse race, although it is the most frequent type of horse that can be found in Ireland, his size ranging from 140 cm to 160 cm.

The horses ireland have an incredible temperament, intelligence and a sane mind, they are easy to train and they learn quickly, being versatile. Furthermore, these horses have an exceptional constitution, well-defined withers, free-moving shoulders and amble chests. Even if strength is an obvious feature, horses ireland are neither heavy nor ponderous. The head of sport horse ireland is nicely proportioned, giving the animal a handsome appearance.

The horses in Ireland have played an important role, ever since show jumping became an international sport, the Irish sport horse being one of the top sport horse breeds all over the world. These horses are safe, reliable and they take care of their riders, these traits being unequalled by any other breeds from all over the world.