Racers Reunion TV Recognizes the Veterans of Stock Car Racing

by : Dustin Gilder

As many of the drivers from the early years of the sport were already retired or nearing retirement, television and big money sponsors exploded the popularity of stock car racing. These drivers raced on the short tracks of America, some sacrificing all else, for the shear love of the sport. Their popularity depended upon the loyal fans who watched them in person, read of their exploits in newspapers and publications, or listened to radio broadcasts. They are often overlooked by today's news media in favor of modern day racing heroes. While today's race car drivers are certainly deserving of their celebrity status, many fans, young and old, still seek information about the veterans who founded the sport. RacersReunion.net provides the medium for compiling information, photography, and video accounts of veteran racers in one location.

The internet has become one of, if not the primary source for research in today's world. One can often find mention by name and some statistics, but less often photography, of the legends of auto racing. In addition to photos, videos, and biographies, RacersReunion.net provides an opportunity to communicate with the heroes of racing history and to learn where they are today.

RacersReunion.net was founded by Jeff Gilder, a former race car driver and track champion who raced on short tracks in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. He attributes his racing success to the tutoring of a veteran racer by the name of Paul Lewis. Lewis has made an effort to recognize the contribution of veteran racers with an annual event called "Racers Reunion" that is held each Mother's Day weekend as has been the case for the past 12 years. RacersReunion.net is an extension of Paul Lewis's efforts.

Membership to the network is free and open to everyone. For more information send your email to jeff@racersreuniontv.com, or logon to www.racersreunion.net.