Gifts To Give To Snow Lovers

by : Victor Epand

Who likes winter? Well you may not but some people do and those people are usually the ones snowshoeing or skiing all the way from November through to March. We may not know why they enjoy the cold and the snow, but their commitment to winter sports can make gift shopping much easier.

What are some of the gifts you can buy a winter enthusiast?

A season pass to a ski hill is expensive, often running several hundreds of dollars, but it will be worth more than its weight in gold if the person you want to buy a gift for is an avid skier. You may only have one choice of a ski hill, depending on where you live, but if you have more than one choice, try and find out which hill is their favourite. If you can do it anonomously, without them knowing what you have decided to buy them, then it is all the better.

A winter coat that is meant specifically for hiking in cold weather is not only something you can buy to keep them safe and prevent hypothermia, it is also a wonderful gift for anyone who prefers to be out in the cold weather rather than inside next to a fire. Depending on the quality of coat, the cost can vary significantly.

Enroll them in a winter survival course that teaches winter safety skills. If they are ever stuck in a snowstorm or too far away from civilization to make a break for it, they will thank you. You might even save their life as a result, one day!

New skis or snowboards are expensive, but cool. Yes, that's right -- cool. Get it? Teenagers or young adults like these things, especially fancy ones with colorful artwork painted on them. A snowboard is almost as cool as a skateboard.

Skis can be of different kinds, so be careful not to get the wrong one. There are downhill skis, cross country, and different sizes depending on skill level for each. If you get them the wrong size, it will be a big problem!

All-season tents are great for anyone who loves to camp in the winter, and yes they do exist. Find one that is meant for the winter and you can be assured the recipient will be toasty warm when they go camping in the snow.

Winter enthusiasts are an odd bunch, but knowing what they like can make the gift giving task much easier. Talk to their friends and see what new ideas you can discover.