History of the Air Force 1 Sneaker

by : Brian Cliette

The name of the sneaker, "Air Force One," originated from the airplane that is known to transport the President of the United States around the world. Created and released to the public by Nike Inc. in 1982, Air force one basketball sneakers still remain in demand in the contemporary athletic footwear market. This classic footwear was the first sneaker to make use of the now well-known and patented Nike Air technology. This air technology increases the level of cushioning and comfort available to the wearer of the sneaker.

Design of this sneaker
The physical body of this sneaker is generally readily available in three footwear styles. These styles are known as the low, mid-top, and high-top sneaker. Since its original production and release in 1982, the basic design of this sneaker has remained relatively unchanged.

Like all other Nike sneakers, the Air Force One features the patented "swoosh" symbol in its logo. As a result of this famed logo, the Air Force One, and any other Nike product is easily recognizable, even to an untrained eye. Its design consistency has also made the sneaker a timeless classic that is quite easy for Nike Inc. to produce in mass quantities.

Where to Buy this Sneaker
Coveted by teenagers, modern versions of the Air Force One sneaker are popularized by trendy rap music artists. Fortunately, these sneakers are available in approved footwear shops that sell Nike sneakers. Air Force One sneakers may also be found in any retail store affiliated with Nike Inc. that has been authorized to sell Nike products, inclusive of footwear. In addition, some versions of Air Force one sneakers may be found online and through independent brokers and resellers of the footwear.

Unique Style
Admirers of this basketball sneaker believe that Air Force Ones have steadfastly retained popularity due to its clean and classic styling, yet ever-changing physical appeal. At present, the most commonly available sneaker is either all white or all black in color. However, in today's market, Air Force one sneakers are easily customized. Artistic customization allows an artist to cater the design of the sneaker to an individual's personal tastes.

Limited run sneakers
Nike Inc. also releases special edition, or limited run, versions of the Air Force One. These sneakers are released in small quantities to coincide with certain holidays or themes. On average, the traditional Air Force One sneaker will cost at least $80.00 -
$100.00 in the United States. In contrast, limited run sneakers often have a base cost, minimally, of $100.00. From that range, the price can skyrocket. Customized Air Force Ones, similar to a special edition sneaker, are also readily available in varying colors, patterns, and textures.