Learn Fencing

by : James Dorans

Fencing is a game in which two players try to push each other up and down a fencing strip with light flashing off their blades as they thrust, parry, attack and evade each other. In a broader sense fencing is a art formed by involving cutting, stabbing and bludgeoning weapons, the two warriors hit each other by swords, knives, pikes, bayonets, batons or some other weapon like this. Know this sport has grown up to be more for gentleman and ladies then fierce warriors of old. There are certain characteristics that this sport requires for the participants like co-ordination, speed, agility.

Now there are three types of fencing swords, there is the Foil, the Epee and the Saber. Each type of fencing sword has game rules that differ. The Foil has the most basic rules. Epee is the only on that any part of the body is the target. Saber is the only one where you could slash your opponent and it counts as a touch.

Fencing can be engaged on two levels as an exercise or as a competitive sport. There are several steps that are involved in developing basic skills of the game like learning basic moves, practicing on footwork, concentrating on technique and engaging on bouts.

Fencing as an exercise is actually one of the best work outs people could do it helps strengthen leg muscles and increase peoples cardio. Also helps with eye and hand coordination.

Fencing tournaments differs in their format, and there are both types of competition, individual and team competitions. Fencing has a violent history which demands physical and mental acuity as well. A successful fencer should be able to mount powerful driving attacks, of making subtle and crafty defenses and that too with in a fraction of second. In fencing strength alone won't suffice participant needs to have a paramount intellect. A good fencer needs to be clever with unwavering concentration and should be able to conceive and execute calculated moves quickly. There are many fencing clubs around at local colleges and universities. Also some fencing clubs both private and open to the public which involves a membership fee.

Fencing has been a sport for centuries and it is only one of the four sports to have been contested in Olympics since 1896. Fencing is a great sport which welcomes swashbucklers of all the ages. Fencing is the one sport which gives you a choice whether you want to win by power or by guile.

By learning fencing children learns self discipline, respect for others, honesty and fair play and these are the characteristics which are transferable to any endeavor and help to create a well rounded person with a character. In fencing a maximum of politeness and humbleness is always observed while competing with others. Many universities have fencing clubs and scholarships including Ivy League Schools Harvard and Yale.

All in all fencing is not only a sport but it is about attitude as well and those who participate in it can profoundly affect their lives!