Xbox and Pc Gaming for the Modern World

by : Vikram Kumar

Gaming has never been more entertaining than the sixth to seventh generation video game console. If PlayStation 3 is for Sony, Xbox is for Microsoft, both penetrating the gaming industry with its state-of-the-art technological advancement in gaming consoles. These two game consoles made it fun and exciting for home video gamers as they provide extensive displays of challenging games. Then there is the Nintendo Game Cube and the PC games. All these devices have made today's world of gaming convenient and attractive.

Xbox is now popular together with the Play Station 3 of Sony and Nintendo's Game Cube. What is distinct about it is that it's the most bulky than its counterparts. However, its size is justified because it is the first console that has a hard disk drive, providing bigger storage facility. The saved games can be compressed in ZIP files and it can also accommodate downloads of its Xbox Live counterpart, which is the seventh generation video game. This feature discarded the need for additional memory card for storage. Also, because of the hard disk drive of the Xbox, gamers can also customize the game's music soundtrack as it enables users to rip music out from music CDs. Xbox also has DVD-ROM drive which adds the bulk of the device. It also has a safety feature with its breakaway cables of its controllers. This prevents it from yanking in the shelf. Nevertheless, because of its big size, it is criticized to be unsuited for young people's hand. Modern Xbox console are seen to be smaller in response to this criticism.

Generally, Xbox, being a Microsoft product is a PC hardware commodity. The PC supports Windows components. The exception to this is Windows CE because of its unexpanded support to DirectX and its previous politics with Microsoft. Most gaming businesses use Xbox and with the latest Xbox Live, it is easy to get the newest games and versions of the Xbox games. Gamers can have wide choice of game genre offered by Xbox Live.

Apart from the features of Xbox whether positive or negative, gamers can enjoy the games for Xbox and other PC games. The popularity of Halo for PC and its subsequent game release for Xbox have gained gamers' interest for this device. Of course, Xbox is only one option. If you want to play home videos the latest video game devices are readily available both online and offline. Xbox is only an option available in the gaming industry and as PC hardware; you can readily find it in any gaming store and computer gadgets stores.

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