What Defines A Top Golf School And How To Choose One

by : Phoenix Delray

Its probably safe to say that most people want, at the very least, the quality of their experiences to match the amount of money they have to invest in them, and when it comes to choosing a golf school the concern should be no different. Attending a top golf school that provides quality instruction that meets your personal needs as a student is what any golfer should want.

But what defines a top golf school and how do we choose which one to attend? There are, to begin, a number of questions we should ask ourselves when looking into attending a top golf school. The first question, and probably most important in this day and age, is how much money am I willing to invest in my experience? This is going to eliminate some options right off the tee, because some schools start their instruction packages fairly high involving a several day commitment of training on your part.

If the short term is what you are looking for, however, there are schools such as Balance Point Golf Schools which offer half day packages starting under $100, and are still considered to be in the top golf school ranking.

There, however, other considerations that may outweigh cost which brings us to the next important group of questions. When considering education your personal goals for the experience are a highly important factor. Students need to do some thinking about their needs, and research whether a schools program is geared towards sensitivity to those needs.

Top golf schools such as Academy of Golf Dynamics in Colorado or Aviara Golf Academy in California have gained their rankings by taking in to account a students goals, as well as their skill level and personal learning style. Some schools such as The Butch Harmon School of Golf will even allow you to follow up with the instructor afterwards online.

Finding out a schools student to teacher ratio is also important. Most respected golf schools offer a low student to teacher ratio starting at 3 to 4 students to every 1 teacher on average. Knowing that you will have one on one time with your instructor will increase your confidence that you will get your moneys worth from the experience.

Make sure to spend some time researching the career records of the schools teachers. A school that considers itself a top golf education facility will boast career professionals and tour winners as their faculty; after all, if its just a good golfer you are looking for that might be your Uncle and you wont have to pay him to pick up a few tips.

Finally check out the facilities and local weather conditions. There are some beautiful golf courses to enjoy out there such as the Napa Golf School the home of the LPGA s Samsung World Championships, on the border of the Napa Valley.

Wherever you go make sure the course layout is sizeable and impressive and that the school provides other facilities to gain access to such as putting greens, hitting bays, post game video evaluation rooms, and for that extra pampering resort accommodations as well.