Enjoy the Thrill of Live Horse Racing

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

The excitement and the thrill which one can experience on the Live Horse Racing are just unimaginable. The conditions prevailing in the particular racing venue decides the result of Live Horse Racing. The Live Horse racing is the deciding factor of the planned horse racing. But behind that it needs lots of preparation. The Horses are trained in advance to make them fit and prefect on the day of live horse racing.

The factors which are finished off in advance before the live horse racing are as follows:

> The racing horses are different than the ordinary ones. They are specially brought up in the same style to make them most suitable for horse racing. They are offered the special training and breeding. Some horses are trained later after the age of five years. Such horses are thus best for live horse racing.

> The jockeys sitting on the horses to ride them are also specially trained. They should also be physically fit. They conduct the practice sessions with their horses. Thus they can perform very well at the time of Live Horse Racing.

> The racetracks are also all set for live horse Racings. Such horses can run nicely on dirt or hard racetracks. Thus depending on it, the jockeys are allowed to enter the competition with their horses on specific racecourses.

But it is not just the case. The betting on tracks is the main task for many during the live racing. They set their bets on the horses and have look on it form outside the tracks. Some in running bets are done on some racetracks. At that time all the wagerers gather on the venue and watch the live horse racing to set their betting. But it is considered as the quite risky thing to bet 'in running'.

Thus before the date of live racing the bettors make their assessments in advance. Lots of analysis and thinking is done before it. The history of horses is studied and on that basis the picks are decided for betting. The final live horse racing is thus very important for them to check whether their stakes are going to be gained back in given odds or not.

The Live Horse racing is broadcasted on big screen and by electronic Media to give the clear picture of the racing. There are many racecourses all over the world where daily live horse racings are organized.