The Junior Set Of Golf Clubs

by : George Crystal

Many manufacturers make golf clubs for juniors. Nike, Ping, Taylor Made and Accu-Length. If a child wants to learn the game of golf, it is best to start with the proper set of golf clubs. The proper golf clubs will make it easier to develop a stance, posture and swing to enjoy the game. Practicing with the clubs on a driving range with some type of instruction is going to be the best way to become accustom to the golf clubs before actually playing a round of nine holes. It is wise to start with nine holes verse eighteen holes until, the child starts to show improvement in the game.

Most people looking for junior golf clubs do not look at Accu-Length, but they should. These golf clubs are made to grow as the child grows. They are expandable clubs. By using spacers, the clubs can be lengthened as the child grows. This is a bargain, since children grow quite fast sometimes. Having a set of clubs that grows with the child will save you as the parent some money. You will have the proper fit, weight and flex in the clubs to fit any child who is learning the game.

The Ping set of clubs will give you the trademark ping and comes in two different junior sizes for different age groups. They have the Moxie for nine to eleven year olds and the Pal for children six to eight years of age. The thing with these clubs is they are not adjustable and you will need to replace the clubs as the child grows. Ping is a great golf club and as potential for helping the young golfer develops the swing to get the ball, a good distance. You will spend some money every few years if you decide on Ping golf clubs.

Nike has developed the junior golf clubs in three different sizes. They have the Eagle, Birdie Blue and the Par Red series with the Red series. The clubs go according to the child's height. Again, you will spend more on clubs as they grow. Depending on the age and height of the child who is starting out, you could end up trading up three times before the child stops growing. Nike is a reputable manufacturer of golf clubs even so. It will be a matter of preference and desire as what type of manufacturer you prefer for golf clubs.

Taylor Made golf clubs are made for three different heights. They are also made for swing speeds that are slower as well as the smaller built of a child. If consider all these different manufacturers, one seems to stand out among the rest. Accu-Length is going to be a money saver, it is a great club and it allows for adjustment anytime the height of the golfer chances. The golf clubs are designed to help develop the game and learn as you go. The choice is always up to you as the parent and the junior who is going to use them for the game.