Tennis Lessons Coach - Select The Right Teacher

by : Matthew Hick

Tennis is a great sport that offers even those with little sporting aptitude to excel in a way that keeps them physically fit and active. Learning to play tennis can be the beginning of a lifelong appreciation for physical exercise and the outdoors. It's a sport that young and old (and everyone in between) can enjoy.

Unlike many other sports, tennis offers the player the ability to:

-Learn something that interests them.
-Be with friends.
-Being involved and included since everyone gets to play!
-Belong and being recognized.
-See progress from virtually the first day (great for the self esteem).

Finding a good coach who both enjoys the sport and has the patience to each player in the manner best for them is essential to learning to not just play the game of tennis - but to love it!

In the United States there are two main certifying associations for tennis teaching professionals, the United States Professional Tennis Association and the Professional Tennis Registry. The coaches certified by these organizations have all passed a series of tests for their certification.

But, it isn't necessary to shell out hundreds of dollars are a professional coach. There are plenty of other places to find a great tennis teacher.

Many local municipalities offer good tennis instruction for both children and adults through their Parks & Recreation Departments, as well as their adult school. Many even offer informal (and sometimes even formal) tennis leagues in their area.

Highs school and colleges are also an excellent place to seek tennis instruction since most either offer community clinics or have coaches on staff you may be able to hire for private lessons.

Tennis clubs too sometimes open enrollment for classes to the general public, or they may have instructors looking to make a few extra dollars in the evening by taking on private students. If you are having trouble finding a suitable coach, head over the community courts and ask around, or hang a flyer asking for help. You may be surprised who you find.

The important thing when looking for a coach is finding someone that you can trust and rely on.

A few things to look for in a tennis instructor are:

-Someone who is knowledgeable.
-Someone who can play himself or herself.
-Someone who is patient and kind (especially when working with beginners and students).
-Someone with the ability to clearly explain each methods clearly and accurately.

Finding a great tennis instructor really isn't hard, not matter where you live. There are literally thousands of qualified coaches located in every community in the country. The key is finding someone that you can learn from. And, even if you can't find a coach right away, don't let that keep you from hitting the courts. Maybe you'll find a new tennis partner that can give you a few pointers to get you started until he right coach comes along.