Clever Differences In Bowling Games

by : Jim Brown

There are many different forms of bowling and one of them is sure to be perfectly suited for someone that you know. The various games of bowling are played all over the world by people who fall into many age groups. Some of those age groups include people who are not much bigger than the balls they roll down a bowling lane.

Bowling is one sport that can be enjoyed by all members of the family. Even grandparents who are aged can enjoy bowling and they never have to pick up a bowling ball. They can spend many happy hours sitting as a spectator but joining in on the large amount of family conversation that is sure to be occurring with every ball that is rolled down a bowling alley.

When children are enjoying a game or two of bowling, parents do not have to worry about them. Bowling is one of the safer sports that keep children occupied and out of trouble. Bowling is also very inexpensive and the family budget will definitely get a break if the entire family decides to participate. Children have no problems finding the right sized bowling ball to play with and the little ones are thrilled to see the marvelous colors that are offered for the small bodies that they sport.

There are opportunities for bowling all over the world. While some regions have a different type of bowling that does not require mechanical actuators to be involved in the play of the game, the concept of the game is not very different. The countries that enjoy bowling outdoors on grass still have the standard 10-pin triangle that the people in America enjoy all of the time. Balls are still thrown in foreign countries literally, but that is an easy task to accomplish because the ball is much smaller.

There are many other types of bowling that people enjoy and one of them is low ball bowling. This form of bowling follows the same triangle arrangement as regular bowling games but the object of the game is very challenging. The object of low ball bowling is to knock down the least amount of pins you can. There are rules that apply when playing lowballs and players are challenged when they find that they must know down at least two pins per frame in order to win.

There are also other versions of bowling that predetermine strikes. The 3 6 9 version of bowling encourages the player to achieve greater scores by using the carefully placed pins that count as strikes which are placed in the third, sixth and ninth frames. This form of bowling can be great fun for those adept in their game of bowling to put strikes ahead or behind those frames to earn the bonus points.