Enjoying The Sport Of Climbing

by : James Brown

Some people might not think of rock climbing as a sport until they have had a chance to climb a few mountains or spend time in the great outdoors with friends who want to teach them what they love to do the most in the time they have off from work. After people have tried rock climbing in a class, they are more than ready to take on the challenges of the great outdoors.

Some rock climbing classes teach all the basic techniques that a climber will need. Others focus on more advanced skills that are strictly reserved for the more experienced climbers in the group. Some groups are divided by age group and level of expertise. A primary concern among all trainers is to make climbing a sport that is enjoyable but safe for everyone involved. No trainer will task a climber to attempt a maneuver before they are ready for it, and many novice climbers feel elated just by climbing a few feet by themselves while others climb higher and higher.

Some of these people might even have their eye on a certain mountain in the distance that they have always wanted to climb. They might not be sure where the urge to climb rocks comes from but they do know that they do enjoy the adventure that outdoor climbing offers them and they want to experience those thrills as often as possible. They might take short trips to gyms that have rock walls in them to satisfy the urge for climbing until they can go on a rock-climbing trip with friends.

Some climbers might not want to spend a lot of money on equipment until they have practiced climbing and made the decision to make it a lifetime sport. These people have found renting equipment for short weekends is the best method they can find for testing their skills without bothering friends with borrowing what they need everytime they feel the need to head for the mountains. Climbing is an affordable sport to participate in and one that families can do together.

Most people get into rock climbing because they love being tested. Rock climbing will put people to the test by testing their endurance and their thinking abilities. People realize very quickly that they are able to think on their feet when they must negotiate a sandstone cliff that towers 100 feet above them, or when they find themselves dangling from a rope over a cavern that has a small river running through it.

These life and death situations are not for the faint at heart by any means and climbers learn to work around all obstacles to get up a mountain by sundown. For those that are unable to meet that goal, they will be challenged even more. They must learn to sleep at a vertical angle with only a rope supporting them. They might bed down on a rock crevice with a safety line attached and wake to a view of a beautiful sunrise that they have never seen before.